What Are You Doing To Add Some Zest To Your Life?


Life can be boring and feel overwhelming.


Routines can be good but they can, also, take the energy out of life when you are missing a little uncertainty and excitement.


What if instead, you’d choose a theme to live by? It lightens your load. It changes things up a bit.


Like choosing your one word for your resolution for the year. Let that one word bring some zest to your life. If you use it, life can be new or seen in a new way. It’s easy to remember to plan your life around that one word.


Think about words that just by hearing the word, you feel alive. Like whimsical, audacious or fun.  


Just think about approaching your chores with a whimsical attitude. Are you dancing around with your broom or shovel? Are you tiptoeing through the grocery store? Singing on your way to work?


How would fun work be if you thought of it as whimsical?


It helps release the struggle or worry from all you have to do. You see life as more light-hearted.


How great would that be on your attitude and health!


Or how about living life as a great adventure? Giving yourself permission to do something new each day or at least weekly. Is it taking a different path to work or talking to a stranger? Is it fixing some type of different food for dinner?


It doesn’t have to be a big adventure unless that feels right to you, like parasailing. Instead, use adventure to see new opportunities as a way to enhance your life.


Unless new things are happening in life, things get boring and uninteresting. Maybe, even you, become a drab.


Too many of us take life way too seriously. I know for most of my life I sure did. It’s probably why I know the importance of having more fun and adventure in life. I see how much better life is.


Where can you start to add some zest to your life?


Find one word that will enrich your life. Think about how it can add to your mental, physical, emotional or spiritual well-being. Do something with it each day. The more you do something with it, the more likely it will become a habit and your word becomes part of your life. For instance the word “vibrant.” Wear something bright each day. Find affirmations about being vibrant to put around. Pick some vibrant flowers to brighten your world.


Choose your great adventure. Make it simple but doable for you. Embrace doing something new, unusual or different. Like I signed up for Sun Basket Food Delivery starting this week to help eat more Paleo type meals and find new recipes. My cooking has been boring. I cook the same meals. It’s easy but not exciting.


How can you add some zest to your life? Commit to doing a few new things that will lift your spirits, enliven your heart and make life more fun, less stressful and overwhelming.