What Are You Doing To Have Your Life Elevated?


As we traveled in Utah on our 3-week journey in RV living, there was a sign showing Utah’s mantra “Life Elevated.”  It made me think about how beautiful Utah is and how many outdoors activities they have to offer.  It’s just breathtaking.  


Since we love the outdoors, we were in heaven.  


We planned our trip around seeing family in California and going to the mountains of Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.  We were blessed with so many other beauties along the way.  


Our life was elevated beyond our expectations.  


The awe inspiring scenery can change your day, your perspective and your mood.  Feeling how magical the bigness and vastness of life’s treasures are is so fulfilling.  


The amazing opportunities we were provided in nature to ride our bikes, and hike inspiring trails, were beyond joyful. 

Biking to Inspiration Point in Bryce and looking over the Hoodoos, taps into your inner knowing of just how majestic life and nature are.  It allows you to reflect on how perfect life happens without trying to force things to be a certain way. 



Life is elevated.  


Why not use the perfection of nature to structure your attitude and mindset toward life and interacting with each other?


We tend to focus on the negative, the differences and the pettiness.  “Negative thinking ALWAYS delivers negative results.”


You don’t feel that in nature.  You might not like some of the things like too many bugs or too hot. But you have choices of where to take yourself.  It doesn’t have to be bad or make others wrong for liking it.  


I’m not a cold weather person but I loved the cool mornings in the mountains.  I don’t make others wrong or put them down for liking colder weather.  I try to find what’s right for me and build on it.  


What are you doing to elevate your life?  To live in the bigness, beauty and magic life offers?


It is your choice.


Nature is a great teacher.  


Self-awareness changes your life.  It gives you options.  


Lean on whatever can help you rise above the pain or conflicts you are having with life, the pandemic or the riots.


Life is more than the routine and making it through another day.


Seek to find out what life has to offer you, what’s waiting on the other side of what you know.


It’s too easy to stay in the smallness of your world, your life and think that is all there is.  


How could you stretch your thinking or your perspective to be elevated to a greater life?  


We visited our friends in New Mexico on our way home.  They were sharing how much they enjoyed being a part of the Porsche club there, how many new and different people they met.  They shared how before they had been limited by only being with people like them in their careers or schooling.  How this club allowed them to see people from every perspective and how good it was to expand their lives to see life in a bigger and different way.  Their life has been elevated.


How could you find more peace and love with life by finding ways to live life elevated?  


In the challenges of life, there is always something to gain and to expand the possibilities for you.  


Just like hiking The Narrows in Zion National Park you have to maneuver the obstacles.  Talk about empowerment, feeling successful while having fun in the process, even in the cold water.



Go for the challenge of finding something new that takes you to a higher place.


As Michael Stone shares, “Presenting is the art of opening to what is, embracing uncertainty and having faith in life itself.  Life wants to live!  It has been evolving for millions of years.  Will we let life live and align ourselves with the mystery?  It is a choice we make with every word, every breath, every beat of our heart.” 


As the winds of change are upon you, let life elevate you.  


Bring awareness to what you are being called to rise up to.  See how life is asking you to let go of parts of life that are small and outdated so you can feel the magic of life.


Step into the bigness, the vastness of life.


Elevate your life.  


P.S.  Share with me what that is for you.