What Are You Doing To Live At Your Highest Vibration?


You have a choice of the type of life you live. You have to decide what you like and what feels like a high-flying disk for you.


When you live a life aligned with your core values and feelings, you will be living at your highest vibration. You are connected to Source.


How do you know when that is? You feel great. Ecstatic. Calm and at peace. Life flows for you.


Check-in with yourself. Moment by moment as you move through your day. Let your choice be closer to a “10.” When it’s not, you are headed away from what your heart and soul know. Let that feeling help you decide if a decision is right for you or show you which direction to go.


My love language is quality time. So I know to raise my vibration and keep it zinging. I need to have time with those people I love and enjoy their company. Like recently, when Bo comes home from work, we’ve gotten in the pool and floated around together. That feels great and complete to me.


Notice what is not a 10 for you in your life. Begin letting go of those or spending less time with them. Notice what drains your energy. Maybe begin releasing things that are a 5 or less.


This is your one life. Make it lovely and fun. It doesn’t happen overnight but can happen with your attention and focus on what you love.


Your intention focuses your attention.


Use this Abraham Hicks quote, “You are the vibrational writers of the script of your life, and everyone else in the Universe is playing the part that you have assigned to them” to help you level up to what you desire today and for your life.


Who do you have playing parts to lift you and take you to a greater feeling place?


Who is in your life that no longer fulfills you? How can you spend less time with them? Maybe you don’t need that role anymore. For instance, if you were in a job you no longer have but continue some connections with the people there. If there are people who keep telling stories that pull you down, gossip, it’s time to spend less time with them. It’s time to raise your vibration by not having that negative energy there.


Do as John-Roger, DSS states, “When you get up in the morning and, in your mind, start putting on the ‘film” that you’re going to observe for the day, put on the film that shows you completing the day in perfect good time.” What does that film mean for you? How does your day look to keep you moving to a lighter, brighter space?


Life is about evolving to your greatest Self. So make more and more of your choices and decisions around ways to raise your vibration.


Think about adding more 10s to your life.

How can you make the mundane more vibrant? Like listening to music while cleaning if that feels good to you.


Life feels tense these days. So find ways to lighten your path.


Consciously choose to raise your vibration so you will have a better feeling life.