What Are You Mad About?


I’m really shocked at what the public is allowing in this political campaign.

I know, first amendment. But, what happened to our core values of love and compassion? I know the public is fed up with the political shenanigans.

I love that people have become passionate about wanting change with the way politicians have been doing business. They are tired of the waste and untruths. They are showing up in droves at the voting booth to speak their voice.


What about dignity and respect?

It’s so hard for me to watch when people are hurt or are hurting others. Words hurt. My ideology is that care about each other and treat each other with regard even when we disagree.

I KNOW from my coaching work, that most people are wrapped in layers of pain from words. Words spoken that crushed their soul, their self-esteem and their worth.

Lost family relationships, or friendships, resentments, shame, and hatred from words said.

I can’t be quiet.

Core Values

The ramifications are big.
What is your ideology? As defined by the dictionary, “It is a system of beliefs or theories, usually political, held by an individual or a group.” You can tell when you ask yourself, “What am I mad about?” You will notice things stirring up inside of you. Just like me with this election, I can’t stand the hateful put downs and meanness that is being thrown around.

What is at the core of what you belief? What is your system of beliefs?
Are you walking that talk? Are you staying the high road?

A great example of someone living their ideology is James Twyman, a musician and author who refers to himself as the “Peace Troubadour.” He, too, is upset about the ramifications of this rhetoric. He sent out a video and asked people to join him try to harmonize some of this hurtful behavior. He says, “Imagine what would happen if groups of people attended rallies for all the candidates wearing T-shirts that say: ‘Meditating For Peace” while holding a space of silence during the speeches and activity.”

The energy and focus could change.

Maybe you aren’t involved or affected by this campaign season. But what is important to notice is that when you are mad about something. Then, make sure you stay in alignment with what is the TRUTH for you.

Do not let outside circumstances pull you out of integrity, into the gutter hold fast to your core values.

Whether that’s with an argument you may get in, frustrated over automative answering services or a political campaign.

Where do you need to get back to your core values and let go of outside interferences that are pulling you down?

Let this election cycle be a reminder to live with peace, love and integrity.