What Are You Making Wrong?

What in your life is not going as you’d like? 

Your relationships, your health, or your money?

Think about how you talk about it.

Are you making others or the situation wrong?

Are you making yourself bad or not good enough?

Could your perception or beliefs about the situation distort how you see it?

Could another perspective help shift your thinking?

What are you doing wrong?

Could asking, “What’s right about this? I’m not getting” help you feel differently or see the situation differently?

Negative emotions need to be seen, felt, and released. These emotions are trying to capture your attention and tell you something is wrong. Choose a new track or way of being.

You are not bad or wrong to have these emotions; something inside you needs healing.

Generally, when you are making something wrong, it’s time to look at something within you.

Why have you made “that” bad? Like being angry. Anger is not bad. It is what is done with it that can be bad. It can be harmful if used in a violent or hurtful way. But, anger can propel you to take action, like stand up for your rights and speak out when otherwise you have held back because you thought you weren’t to be angry. What are your beliefs around “that bad” situation?

When you live with thoughts that things are wrong, you receive more of them, more examples to justify your thinking.

Is that what you want if you feel angry, upset, or out of control?

What if all that thinking is a false perception of reality?

What if that is one point of view? Or like group consciousness?

What if you asked yourself, “Is that true?” as Bryon Katie’s The Work shows you?

1. Is it true?

2. Can you absolutely know that it’s true?

3. How do you react – what happens when you believe that thought?

4. Who would you be without that thought?

As Alex Elle says, “It’s important for me to center what I know to be true. Not what I hope to be true, not what used to be true, but what I know to be true right now. So I am a big believer in shifting the trajectory of our thought process with the words we tell ourselves. If we are telling ourselves these negative stories or playing things in our mind that are causing us more stress than ease, that will break us down. And I have been there. It is hard to reframe and think, Hey, that is not the truth right now. So that’s why it’s important to be kind to ourselves as we work our way through the stuff that’s really hard.”

Can you catch yourself when you are saying or thinking, “nothing is quite good enough”?

LIFE IS FOR YOU. So how do you process these things you are doing wrong or feeling not good enough?

Awareness is the first step.

Then ask how this is for me. For instance, if you say you

need to be better because you weigh a certain amount. Think about how you are speaking and treating yourself. Your Higher Self could be asking you to be more loving and accepting. So that situation is “good” even though it doesn’t feel like it. It’s trying to wake you up to unconditional love and acceptance.

Instead of beating yourself up for weighing an amount, you don’t like, how could you first love and accept yourself? It’s not saying you still can’t do something about your weight, but it’s how you do it. You aren’t making it wrong. You are accepting – I weigh this, don’t feel good when I consider this, and because I honor myself and value being healthy, I choose to work towards a different number.

Feel the difference.

Where are you making yourself wrong? Are others wrong? Are situations wrong?

Let those negative thoughts and feelings guide you to a better place.

Go from darkness to light.

Let them open to new possibilities and solutions.

Let any place you have made wrong be a journey to your Higher Self.

Where is that for you?