What Are Your Patterns Wanting You To Know?

What is it time to wake up to in your life? Where in your life is it time to live in a new way?

Did you retire, and now your partner has? How are you shifting your days? What patterns or habits need to change to create a new lifestyle to merge the life changes?

Most days are filled with habits and patterns. For instance:

I should have 3 meals a day. But am I hungry?

I downloaded my boarding pass so I can have a paper version. Why not save paper and use an electronic version?

I thought you weren’t to show your feelings. But now I know that stuffing them creates illnesses and outbursts. And, it’s important to own whatever is happening for you because it is.

I am always in a hurry to do the next thing. Why? The old pattern of needing to get lots of things done to be productive. I am working on being more present and enjoying where I am.

I could go on and on because I am noticing more of what is no longer serving me. But, like thoughts of things “should be” or “in our day, this is how things were done.”

What are your habits or patterns telling you?

Habits can keep you stuck. Yes, some make life easier to have a routine, like brushing your teeth. Back in the day, you didn’t floss, but today it is important for dental health.

Are your patterns helping you live your core feelings? Are your patterns trying to capture your attention so you can be more peaceful, loving, or compassionate? Or be true to yourself?

Notice what patterns are showing up over and over for you these days. They want to be released so something more aligned with where you are can come in. Like when I think I have to achieve more with my exercise or daily chores. Why? Why am I doing this to myself? I notice my achiever or doer is showing up. Yes, they once served me and probably still can help me at certain times, but they are no longer my primary way of living.

What if instead I could stop and enjoy my exercises and be present to how good my body moves and feels, rather than if I’m pushing myself enough or am I doing it right?

What if I could trust that I can do everything I need to do in a day – and probably have plenty of time? How much more peaceful and calming would that be? I don’t have to be stressed and worried; I have much to do. The Universe has my back.

Take time to begin noticing your patterns.

Do you start your day by looking at your phone or by meditating? You will experience a different day. Frantic or peace?

Do you judge or condemn? How about shifting to being more grateful or appreciative? Life flows with more ease and grace.

Do you think your way is best, or do you know how things should be? How could you be more open and accepting of differences or possibilities?

Thank your patterns that have been nagging you. Know there is something more for you.

Give thanks for how they are showing up, frustrating you, or getting your attention. They are helping awaken you to a more extraordinary life. Like allowing you to redesign how you are doing life.

Your patterns are not who YOU are. They are habits you created to “do” life.

Here is a story that Vernon Howard shared in a recent email I received that makes the point to look at how we go through life from our patterns and what’s trying to get you to notice:


There was once a magnificent temple that was located on top of a mountain. It could be seen by everyone who lived on the lower lands surrounding it. Called the Gleaming Temple, it was held in awe by
everyone. The temple was supposed to contain the great secrets of heaven and earth. Those who wanted its secrets could have them, but they were required to climb the one upward trail.

Over the years, many people set out on the upward climb. After a few miles, they came to a sign along the path: IF YOUR OLD WAYS NO LONGER PROVIDE SATISFACTION, PLEASE PROCEED. Since many of the travelers felt perfectly satisfied with themselves, they returned home. But others proceeded upward until coming to the sign: IF YOU ARE WILLING TO GIVE UP HAVING ENEMIES, PLEASE PROCEED. Those who secretly loved strife and conflict gave up their quest and returned to their old ways. The enduring travelers came to a third sign: IF YOU ARE AWARE THAT YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND LIFE, PLEASE PROCEED. Those who pretended that they understood life had no interest in continuing.

Those who passed all the signs were rewarded when entering the Gleaming Temple. Inside, they found the secrets of heaven and earth.”

Where is life calling you to step up to something greater?

What are your patterns wanting you to know?