What Are Your Top Five Life Lessons?


What’s the big idea of your life? What would you say the meaning of your life has been? What lessons have you had to learn over and over again?


There is more to life than achievement. Why keep trying to prove yourself?


Life isn’t black and white, follow the rules and good things will follow.


All relationships are holy encounters that help you become the greatest, grandest version of yourself.


Learn to accept ALL parts of yourself.


Everyone sees the world from their perspective, not like you do, but based on their values, beliefs and experiences.


As John-Roger says, “Use everything for your learning, upliftment and growth.”


What is the story of your life? How can you piece together important threads of your life to see the meaning and bigger picture? What stories are you repeating and telling over and over again rather than using them to lift up your life?


I know people who spend a lot of time being sick. They realize they receive attention. Until they understand they can receive the attention in a healthier way, they will continue to attract illnesses or feeling bad.


I know people who have been dealt a bad hand but have risen above it to make a memorable life that has touched you and me.


What has grabbed your attention as you have created your life? Is it beliefs you have about how life is supposed to be?


Carol Dweck spent her career wondering why some people succeed and others don’t based on what you can control. Her work was about Mindsets – The Fixed Mindset and The Growth Mindset. She shows the power of your beliefs on how life turns out for you. Whether that is propelling you forward or keeping you from living your potential. The fixed mindset believes you are handed a life and that’s what you have. Whereas, the growth mindset, says, the life I was given is just a starting point for development.


Where are you on that spectrum? How do you face challenges, feedback or obstacles in life? I certainly know for me before my unraveling from my divorce, I was closer to the fixed mindset. I know for sure life would have been easier if I had seen things from the perspective of “how could I learn and grow” from my experiences rather than all the judging and shaming I participated in. I hope you can tell that today I’m living proof of the benefits of having a growth mindset.


As you age, people talk about the wisdom they have now. What is that for you? You know what you wish your kids would know so they don’t have to struggle. Or ideas that could make life easier or more joyful for them.


Are you living that wisdom?


It’s never too late to shift your beliefs so your life takes a different trajectory.


How can you look at your masterpiece of your life and accept it? It is the life you have right now. Once you accept it, you can shift and go any direction you want.


Take charge. Don’t let the past define you. Use life to help lift you to greater possibilities. Use your outer circumstances to help you evolve rather than see them as bad or good and keep you down and defeated. The legendary basketball coach John Wooden says that you’re not a failure until you start to assign blame. That’s when you stop learning from your mistakes – you deny them.


What are your five lessons? How can you use them as the director and producer of your life, and create a well-lived life?