What Area Of Your Life Needs More Harmony?


Notice where you are stressed, frustrated, or upset. Listen to what you are telling others about different situations in your life. Those ideas could be hints as to where you are out of harmony.


Think about how you want to feel; what is that for you? Joy, contentment, or enthusiasm. That is how you can decide where you need more harmony in your life. For instance, if you feel discouraged about your relationships because you want passion and it’s missing. Then you know you are out of harmony as I wrote in last week’s blog, witness or notice, not judge. It makes it easier to find solutions rather than stay in the problem.


Knowing how you want to feel is key to having a life in harmony. It gives you focus and helps guide you to the place you’d like to be, no matter the area of your life.


What are your priorities?


The first thing is to become aware of where you are out of alignment with what you desire. Be honest with yourself. Don’t discount your feelings. Feelings come from your heart and soul. They are the Truth for you. You might not like admitting or facing a situation, but it’s important not to resist it. Allow yourself to believe you can have what will bring you harmony. Maybe not overnight, but baby steps toward it. You must feel worthy of having everything you desire. It might not look exactly like you want, but it’s the feelings that put you in harmony.


Find ways and tools to help lift your spirit and your vibration.


       Use tools like astrology and the zodiac signs. We are in Libra right now. Use the Libra energy to help you balance and find ways to love. Libras are hopelessly romantic. Go to their chart and seek ideas that might resonant with you to move closer to that loving feeling.


       Make a list of 10 things that bring “that feeling” you desire to you. Then, keep it nearby when you need a change of heart.


       Find people that exude “those feelings” you desire.  Their energy can help raise yours and remind you how you want to feel.   This month, Beverly had a great article about changing your attitude about a situation in my Miracle Distribution magazine.  She was talking about a situation where the traffic was all backed up and no place to go.  People were overheated and angry.  Yet, this one lady had a smile on her face, and this other person asked her how she could.  She said, “I just take this time to use my steering wheel as a prayer wheel.  Well, whenever I’m in my car, I run my hands around the wheel and feel the bumps. I use each bump as a reminder to send a prayer to a friend or family member. And, if I run out of them, I send a prayer to the other drivers. It brings me a lot of peace and takes my mind off of the traffic.”


Be open to solutions. Don’t settle. Trust that everything is happening for you for a reason.


How can you realize that this disharmony can be helping you expand your life? It’s asking you to seek solutions in a new and more open way. It’s allowing you to hold space for yourself to become more of who you are meant to be.


What is your disharmony inviting you to learn, to release, or to realize?