What Attitude Are You Bringing Into 2023?

How can you see January 2023 as an invitation to your best life?

Your thoughts create your reality. “As man thinketh, so he is.” Proverbs 23:7.

Attitude is 80% of what happens to you in your life.

You are the director of your life.

The wonderful part about life is when, or if you decide, any area is not like what you want, you can choose a new path to change your direction.

Think like a pilot; 1% change in navigation, you end up at a different destination.

It IS within YOUR power.

Opportunities are all around.

Think about an attitude focused on “How can I feel good,” and live from that good feeling space. Then, notice right now how that shifts how you feel.

We all want to feel good.

There are many paths to explore when your attitude is one of possibilities and adventure.

What if your attitude was how could you live and let live? Let your mind wander. Those words make me think of music and dancing just by hearing the words.

Let 2023 be more like the life you want. Write a new chapter for 2023. Make this year something profound, something that makes your heart sing.

What’s on your bucket list? Make a plan to see it happen. One of
my clients wants to go to London on her 50th birthday. Cut pictures out, and place $50 a month toward it. Feel the joy and excitement of it. The Universe will help make it happen if YOU believe it is possible, even when you don’t see a way. Believe!

What limiting stories are you telling yourself? It doesn’t have to be that way if you don’t want it to be. Find examples of people doing what you’d love to do. Bo received a Christmas book, Two Years on Your Bike – from Vancouver to Patagonia. Bo has been so excited to learn how this guy did this. Interesting, because we are headed to Patagonia, just not on our bikes. It makes the tale more intriguing for him. No coincidences.

Believe you are worthy of having your desires.

Make space for what you want. Find ways to be 2% more open.

Watch what shows up in your life.

I’m focusing more on the beauty of what God has created. I’m surrendering – to my old thoughts of working hard to get what I want, thinking I have to do it all and thinking there is a right way to do life, a diet or work.

Where is my heart and soul in all that?

I’m paying attention to more of the goodness and good in life instead of thinking I have to fix or change me or the world.

As John-Rogers, DSS, states, “And as you move more and more into the place that is loving and expresses the Light, you find it easier and easier to know God.”

How can you let 2023 be something light and new for you? But, unfortunately, the last few years have been dark and heavy.

Notice where the light is gleaming in your life, and fan it more.

Live to have a more positive attitude.

Fill your mind with thoughts about:

What adventures are next for me?
How can my thoughts be filled with sunshine and fun?
Where can I shift to have more compassion and kindness in my thinking and conversations?

Let 2023 push you to new dimensions of happiness and fulfillment.

A new year.

A time to reboot.

What attitude are you choosing to bring to 2023?

Change your thinking, change your life.