What Can You Do More Of To Keep Your Spirit Up?

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to make sure that you put love in every corner of your house.

Are those pictures of those you love?

Are paintings the ones that bring out the joy and creativity you feel?

Are scents what bring you into the moment?

You will be amazed at how your spirit changes.

It’s Springtime. Let’s do some Feng Shui. Go through each room and notice what thrills your heart. Keep those things. Find items that no longer have meaning or a spark for you, and let those go. Give them away. Move them out.

When you have things in your life – items, people or thoughts that are no longer serving you, it’s important to remove that density. Some things are heavier than others. Move those right away. For instance, when we were remodeling, I wanted my house to feel light, edgy and fun. My previous style was Tuscany, which is dark, dense, and heavy. Totally in contrast. So, we began changing out what we wanted piece by piece. I focused on what I wanted. Before I knew it, the energy shifted. The feeling was aliveness, lots of space and light.

Do more of what keeps your spirit up.

Maybe your closet needs a makeover. I know many people shift out spring/summer clothes for the fall/winter wardrobe. Feel how good and light that feels. Just simple things like that can do great things to lift your spirits.

But, do something more. Clean out what you are no longer excited to wear. I know it’s hard. Maybe you paid a lot for something you’ll never wear again. Be generous and give it away so someone else can have that particular moment. Perhaps you can’t fit into things and are tricking yourself into thinking someday. That’s heavy on you. That brings shame or guilt. Keep one thing special in case that happens. But allow yourself to honor where you are, not pull yourself down. Keep your spirit UP.

Take time to list three things that lift up your spirit, like having long talks with a sister or friend. What are they for you? If it’s reading a good book, give that gift to yourself. Wrap up in a blanket or sit outside. Make it sensual. Then, give away all your books. Keep the energy flowing. What you give away will come back to you tenfold. Think about the suggestions for new books you’ll receive and the joyful feelings that give you.

Life is about the small choices you make day in and day out to keep your spirits up. We lost one of our trees in the backyard right outside my dining room window last year. I loved looking at it swaying, standing tall and giving off great looks. That spot was empty for months. This week, it was replaced. I was bouncing around, joyful, laughing, and giddy at how much it meant to have one back in that space. I know Bo was probably tired of me wanting him to see it again.

What are some small things that can brighten your day at this moment? Stop and give that to yourself. We love our Skylight, which flashes photos from different trips, family get-togethers, grandkids, and such. Talk about raising the energy. I love passing by. The pictures float by, reminding me of how blessed and lucky I am and allowing me to see all that I have to love in my life.

Special moments can bring great joy and fulfillment. Find them. Give those to yourself. For years, I’ve taught my daily lessons in A Course in Miracles. This year I decided to go deeper so I joined Living The Course online. Each day, they have a video about the lesson, and then throughout the week, many group lessons about it.

Special moments to keep my spirit up.

What could be some of those special moments for you?

Life is for you to take charge and decide what brightens your world. Then, it’s your job and responsibility to align with what rings your bell.

As you can tell, there are many choices, chaos, and distractions. The challenge is to be more grounded in what is right for you. Think buffet.

I don’t want negativity or chaos in my life. I like colorful things. They bring great joy to my life. I want a simple life. Design that. Don’t have lots going on.

You choose if you want to keep your spirits up.

Decide you will no longer let outside forces decide how your life will go.

Decide you will make your choices based on what lifts your spirit. What makes you feel free as a bird to fly? Or think like a river flowing.

Let life be more straightforward and more simple for you.

Design your days around what you can do to keep your spirits high.

What can you do away with today and tomorrow so you can feel lighter and brighter?

It’s Springtime.

Bring a new way of being to you and your life. Allow your life to be filled with things that boost your being.

What will you COMMIT to that will keep your spirits up?

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