What Choices Are You Making?


Your life is created by the choices you make day in and day out. So if you want to know your options, stop and look at your life. That will show you the choices you have been making. Whether it has been conscious or not.


Decide what you’d like different. Then, you make new decisions and choices based on what you want—choice by choice. You are focusing on your desires.


You can’t stop your desires. They come to awaken you to a more extraordinary life in alignment with who you are.


As you think about the life, you desire, how many of your choices are in the direction of what you want?


You will be amazed when you stop and notice the direction of your choices or thoughts. A great visual to show you which direction you are most headed is to make two stacks. One stack represents all the thoughts and choices you are doing that support that vision. The other stack is all the reasons why that can’t happen. Crazy, but the negative stack is often the biggest.


You let the past determine your future too often. Leading from the past can be an energy zapper. The past is meant to help you remove what didn’t work or no longer work. Not keep you stuck.


You are programmed to believe you aren’t worthy or shouldn’t have what you desire.


Think about the choices you are making to live a life of Thriving. You are not meant to live a life of struggle. But, the struggle can help you realize that you don’t want to stay there. It’s to wake you up.


Habits can be hard to overcome. You are usually comfortable where you are because you know that. However, it takes commitment to change.


Notice if you are open and receptive or closed and resistant. Struggle keeps you closed. The differences in the choices if you are open; even if you might not know how something will happen, you are open to the possibilities that will come. When you are closed, you resist what is happening and close off to seeing something else is possible.

The more you pay attention to your choices, the more you can decide what you desire rather than react to what is happening. For instance, do you ever find yourself in pure joy, and then something happens outside yourself, and it totally changes your energy to despair? Indeed, there can be appropriate circumstances, like hearing bad news about a loved one. But most of what happens in life is not at that level, and you let it take you off course. So never come back to building the future you desire.


Today decide to pay attention to how your mood swings.


Notice when you are content, happy or in positive expectation.


Notice how long you stay there.


Notice what pulls you out of that energy.


Notice the energy level you most often go to – disappointment, pessimism or blame?


Today is a new day, a new beginning. Allow it to be a small step forward to the life you desire, whether that is having more fun, planning a trip or cleaning out your attic.


Jump into better feeling thoughts and choices. Over and over.


Sing your true song.


Decide now, this moment and the next, that you will thrive and live with more ease and grace.


Ask yourself, “How can this be easy?” Then, listen to what you hear.


Maybe get out of your own way.

Your old ways are no longer working for you. 

Try something new.


Allow yourself to receive the magic the Universe is trying to show and provide you.


Decide you are going to choose the high-flying disk.


Make choices that allow you to live a life of fun, passion, and joy.