What Darkness In You Needs To Be Brought To The Light?

You have the ability to live the greatest life you can imagine if you are willing to be all you were meant to be.

Think about your life as a work of art.

Are you willing to stand in how great you are?

Too often, most of us have been taught you are too cocky or arrogant if you stand in your power and your goodness.

You were made in the goodness and likeness of God.

Wherever you don’t believe that is possible for you is holding you back.

Think about the shame and guilt you are holding on to. Somewhere you believe something about you or what you have done is too bad for forgiveness or transformation.

Think about where you hold back in celebrating yourself. When something “good” happens to you or for you, note how you respond. Do you feel you really shouldn’t share that with others? Allow yourself to celebrate you.

As Joseph Campbell says, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

Who is that? Take time to discover that.

Wherever you don’t feel freedom or peace in your life, some darkness could be ready for you to bring to the light.

What might that be for you?

Richard Bach says, “There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you.”

Where are the “problems” for you? Notice where you are struggling or hiding something. Instead of running from those situations, how could you allow them to open you to your greatest Self by discovering what’s trying to be revealed?

Know and believe that life is meant to be good and fun beyond the darkness that happens in your life. Let that give you hope to work through the pain rather than keep it down.

Remember, there is no order of difficulty with the Universe’s support. Ask for guidance, and gather this partner.

Darkness will control your life. You will do everything you can to cover it up or run from it. Like when you don’t feel good enough. You will overwork, obsess over things to prove your worth.

There’s an easier way to live life. Take time to be with the pain, the darkness. Ask what it is wanting to show you. Like my overachiever, trying to be good enough. Like the shame and guilt, I felt from divorce.

Facing the darkness opens you up to more. To a kinder, more loving version of you. I know well that I moved from much judgment to greater acceptance and compassion for myself and others.

It’s crazy the peace and joy I feel. I’m not working against myself. I’m honoring and valuing myself.

Growing from the darkness has been a journey, but well worth it with how I live today.

What darkness in you is waiting to be transmuted to light?