What Difficulties are You Facing?


Life can feel cruel.  


What are you making of it?  Are you seeing the purpose or meaning, and absorbing how it can lift you to a greater realm?


It’s important to know how you are handling situations that appear in your life and how that serves you.



Notice how your attitude changes everything.  Watch this video to feel the impact.


What are your go-to strategies in handling uncomfortable situations?  


Notice if you were taught to deny them, not feel the hurt or pain, or get right to work on figuring out a way to move on.


Most of us go to the story about the situation.  You go to what it means for you. Like when I divorced.  I immediately worried about how my kids would be, how could I make it financially.  All my fears.  Not the best place to come up with the answers.  As Kyle Cease says, “You can’t receive any bigger than you feel.”


Maria Shriver gave some great examples in this week’s Sunday paper, “People are in a hurry, I get it, but that’s when things can get sloppy. Just ask anyone who has sent out an e-mail or a text when they were in a hurry. Ask any parent who has tried parenting from a place of stress. Ask any boss who has tried leading from a place of exhaustion. Ask any doctor who has tried operating from a place of busy. Ask any political leader who has spoken off the cuff without giving themselves a moment to reflect.”


It’s important to be in the higher place to find more meaningful solutions that open you to possibilities rather than staying stuck in being a victim or the problem.


Yes, those ideas need to be processed.  I tried to control the circumstances through my fears.  I didn’t want to feel the pain of it.  I knew I could manage from my headspace and find solutions to deal with what was happening.  So, therefore, it allowed the anger, sadness, and hurt to be pent up and make them bigger.  


What you resist, persists.  Take that in.  When you are arguing with what is, then you will see more of it.  None of us really want that. But most of us get that because we don’t really understand how you are creating that scenario.


As John-Roger, DSS says, “The more a person will fight, the more he will give energy into the negative realms.” 


If you feel what you are feeling at any moment, you are allowing what is true.  You aren’t resisting what is happening for you.  Therefore, it will pass on through.  


Your emotions are there to guide you.


Life can hurt.


Have the courage to sit with the moment.  Feel the pain, the hurt, or the sorrow.  It is part of life, just uncomfortable for most of us.


Are you like most of us wishing we were someplace else when life hits you hard?  Whether that is with facing money problems, health problems, or relationship problems.


For instance, “If your body starts to break down, it’s a call to find a new frequency to up your vibration.” (Science of Mind, May 2021 pp.39)


If you are like me, you weren’t taught to feel the emotion.  To allow it to be.  We made it wrong to feel bad or sad.


Circumstances become bigger when you don’t deal with the emotion behind them.  Feel the emotions.  Allow them all to be.  It might take minutes, hours, or days. Then as you begin working on the strategies to move on, you will be in a higher vibration.  You will have let go of lower frequencies and the solutions you receive will come from a higher place within you.  


Martha Beck shares, “The key is to stop grasping for control, for the feeling of solid ground, and relax with the fact that we’re not sure what will happen next. Most of us do exactly the opposite: in uncertain circumstances, we try to focus hard, think through solutions, and control outcomes. This often leads to feelings like panic and overwhelm. Relaxing into uncertainty, on the other hand, switches on the superpower of human imagination. It takes us from terrifying confusion into openness, curiosity, and most of all, creativity. Creativity is the cure for the uncertainty and overwhelm of a liminal time.”


How would your life change if you could tap into the abundance of the Universe rather than focus on the lower energies while dealing with the difficulties in life?