What Do You Need To Do To Activate Good So You Can Feel More Fulfilled?


Since the pandemic, our world has shown us more darkness than most of us can handle. As a result, we are emotionally, mentally, and spiritually exhausted.


The only way to heal darkness is to bring it to the light.


Where in your life is there darkness ready to be healed? That you no longer can run from so that you can activate the goodness you are desiring. And so your life may feel fulfilled.


What matters to you now? Look at your world and notice what has been turned upside down.


We learn by contrast.


Where are you tired of seeing hatred, meanness, and division? Where are you frustrated?


It’s time to get going.


Notice what is bothering you. It is this darkness that needs you to bring it to the light. Feel the pain, the hurt, but move through it by hearing the messages for your life.


The darkness must be SEEN to be healed. No longer denying, spiritually by-passing or understanding. It must be felt. It must be seen how it has impacted your life.


We cannot bring goodness until the lessons of darkness are learned.


It’s time to do some good.


How can you lead in helping heal?


It’s time to get your creative juices flowing.


First, you must believe you deserve good to enter your life.  Do you?


How can you activate good in your life?  


Is that speaking kinder to and about people?


Is it about showing more respect and acceptance of others?


Is it loving who you are despite your imperfections?


Where can you take the lead so that, as a collective consciousness, we can create a tipping point of goodness and light in this world?


How are you exemplifying goodness?


Live more from your heart than your head.


Show more compassion, empathy, and concern.


Listen more. Hear what matters to others.


Fall in love with life. Let this darkness reveal to you things that matter to you, things that you are willing to speak up about.


Let this darkness show you the goodness that is meant to be your life.


Everything you need to get through is in you.


Freedom is finding you, finding what matters to you, so that your life may feel fulfilled.


Be grateful for the darkness so that goodness can emerge.


You must awaken the heart to receive the goodness of life.