What Do You Need to Improve Your Outlook For Your Life?


My first reaction to improve my outlook would be that I don’t need to hear about what’s happening with national politics.


I know intellectually that I should do things that fill my soul and limit things that don’t. Yet, I continue to read the papers. The good part, is I don’t watch the news.


So maybe, you are like me, maybe not over the same item, but it is important to realize what is controlling you rather than you creating the life you want.  


Because that negative energy keeps you going in the wrong direction. You want the pendulum to swing in the direction of what you want.


What do YOU need to do to have better days?


I want to encourage you to try something different.


  1. Change the way you are looking at your life.


If you are thinking mostly about how negative the world is and circumstances in your life are, then find a way to focus on something that shifts that thinking.


I recently read where Mike Dooley labeled the decades of your life as


50s are for Rocking

60s for Rolling

70s for Cruising

80s for Commanding

90s for Awakening


Change your outlook by adding a little spunk to it. What comes to mind when you think of Rocking your 50s? For me, dancing and putting some adventure in there.


Rolling your 60s? How about being free and getting in an RV and travel the national parks.  


Open your mind up to what can be possible to have a better attitude or outlook.


  1. Change your routine in some way.


First thing in the morning, get up and exercise. Change your physiology, change your life. Meditate. It changes the way you look at things.


I know for me the more I can be outside and moving, my outlook is usually pretty good. So if I can break up chores and responsibilities with something fun or different, then it shifts my energy.


  1. Who could you serve?


Whenever you are helping others, there is a sense of gratitude and appreciation. Find ways you could volunteer. Help a neighbor. Make it a point every day to make someone else’s life a little better. A smile, a note or helping out.


In order to live the life you want, you must have more positive energy coming in than having negative and resisting energy filling your world.


I think many people believe they can’t have things they want. What they don’t realize is if you just shift your attitude and outlook, even a little, a whole new world appears. You just have to have more focus and action on what you want and less, and less focus on the negative aspects of life.


What shift will you make to live the life you want?