What Do You Want Bunches Of?


Listen to your heart and soul.


What you want bunches of is that you want to feel a certain way.  What are those feelings for you?


Then design your life around those feelings in all you do whether guitar lessons, your career, or leisure choices.  When those feelings are embedded in your hours and days, your life feels on top of the world.  


You are giving yourself what you desire.  


We were taught backward.  Most people were taught that you go after the external things and they will bring you happiness or fulfillment.  But, in reality, if you made sure you were giving yourself the feelings you want, life showers you with the kind of job or hobby that will create those feelings.  Thus, you feel great.


What is your life calling you towards?  Is there something gnawing at you? Are you pushing it down thinking the time is not right or you can’t really have what you desire?  


I know for my life I have been passionate about teaching and learning.   I feel ecstatic, curious, and open wondering what’s there, what I will ponder and decide to do.  I can’t get enough.  I see many possibilities.


Learning happens in numerous ways.  Some think you go to school and that’s all there is to learn.  How limiting is that?  


Dr. Carol Dweck’s research into growth mindset explains this idea in depth.  Some people have a fixed mindset and others have a growth mindset.  These differences highlight the way people view the world and what’s possible.  


Don’t get stuck in that you have learned all you need.


Learning is in the now.  What do you need today?  


With the internet, everything is at your fingertips.  Ask, and the teacher will appear.  


I know right now our grandkids love legos, Roblox, and Fortnite.  They will do whatever they need to figure out how to make the next move.  They watch YouTube videos, watch gamers and talk to their buddies.  We need to use their quest and passion to learn how to live passionately.  


What do you want bunches of today?


Every day, every situation can be a teaching and learning happening for you if you allow it.  Just like every person you see is a holy encounter for you.  What if you allow yourself to notice something beautiful or loving each time you see someone before you?  For instance, on your walk whoever you see, how can you see the joy in their eyes?  Or, be grateful that you are able to get out and move?  Allow yourself to see more of the love and joy in life.  


Ask yourself how each encounter can open you to the beauty of life?  To the abundance of the world?  Or whatever you want bunches of in your life.


Most people say they want more peace, love, and joy.  Use those as guideposts to enhancing your life, reigniting your soul.  Filling your life with what you want bunches of.


Lanscape view of sunset


Notice in each job you do or place you go to in your day, how you can open to more peace, love, and joy, or the feelings YOU want more of.  Instead of being frustrated standing in line, see how generous you can be so you can feel more love, joy, and peace.  


What if you wanted bunches of good health?  Think about how you could plan your days, months, and years.  Think about your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  


How could you devise a plan to increase what you are doing 1% each day in those areas?  You would have bunches of well-being if you allowed it to be your focus.  


I know with my recent injury, I have been wanting bunches more of the ability to walk, bike, hike and just get around with ease.  That’s why it’s important to focus on what you want or need now, in the present.  Life changes.


Decide what you want bunches of in your life. Then build your life around that and notice how much more you are content and fulfilled.