What Do You Want Out of Life Now That You Have Aged?


Are you feeling aimless from thinking that you no longer matter in this world because you have gotten older?


Are you feeling invisible and irrelevant? Have you lost your voice and feel like nobody is listening to what you have to say anymore?


Do you catch yourself drifting, uncertain of what’s next for you?


Become fearless. You can’t change the fact that you are getting older.


As the saying goes, aging ain’t for sissies.


Your body changes. Maybe some fears that your body will let you down.  For women there has been such a stigma about looking youthful, it’s hard to let that go.


Your sleep patterns change.


Your mind is slipping. Worried about Alzheimer.


Your bad habits are catching up with you. Heart problems, diabetes or obesity?


Don’t let that stop you. Let it motivate you to take advantage of the time you still have.


Take charge of your life.


You have a choice of what to do, who to be and what you want during this time.


When you lose your purpose or direction, life feels meaningless and dismal.  


A wonderful feeling comes over you once you regain a sense of purpose, you feel as if you can handle anything again.


You feel worthy.

You have energy and excitement.

You feel connected.

You feel like you have something to do that matters.


How do you reestablish your sense of purpose now that all the kids are gone? Or, you find yourself alone or you’ve retired?


Decide what you want for this chapter of your life.  


Make it new. Make it fun. Make it meaningful for YOU!


Take time to assess the different areas of your life – your physical, your mental, your emotional or spiritual. Fun, recreation, hobbies, volunteering. Write down what you’d like to happen in each area. Is there one area that is pressing that you need to focus on?


Just yesterday, I was talking to my brother-in-law who lost my sister last year. He’s totally aware how quickly life can be taken from you. He wants to make the most of the time he has to live fully. He was talking about not letting time go by without doing what he wants. He knows the window of being physically active at the level he likes is probably another 5 – 7 years. He wants to stay healthy and active. He still plays in a men’s softball league. Plays racquetball a couple of times a week with his buddies. He’s 67.  


What is that for you?


Is there one area that you would receive a big bang for your bucks by doing something there? Bo and I like active travel because it puts lots of fun in our life. It allows us to explore the world, keeps us mentally sharp. It keeps us fit and able to move easily so we can play with our grandkids. We are outdoors and that fills us up spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. We feel full.


Here are three things to do to make the most of aging:


Embrace your age. Stay healthy, or get healthy. It’s never too late. Define what HEALTHY is for you. Is that your attitude, moving more or eating better?


Find purpose. It doesn’t have to be about saving the world. It can be about making a difference for your grandkids, being a role model of kindness, or volunteering with a civic group.


Stay connected. Loneliness has become epidemic. Help yourself and help others. The older you get, the more friends and family you lose. We need each other. Make new friends, join groups or find ways to serve others.


Take time to reflect on what matters for you today. Not what was important 10 years ago or maybe even 5 when you had other roles and responsibilities.


Find your passion and your voice to lead the way to the life you want now.