What Excites You Today?


Find the bliss in your life today.  What is causing you to soar?  To be lifted?  To feel your heart sing?  


As you ponder how you create your day, set your intentions for more excitement, more ways to feel on top of your life.


Notice things like:


Find your greatest joys today.  Is it outside, walking, or in silence?  Is it picking your strawberries that are ripe?


What will expand you today?  Is that asking for help?  Talking to new people?  Choosing a new hobby?


Happiness always returns.  How are you sharing what makes you happy?  


Every day is a new opportunity to create the life you desire.  Make sure you take it all in and savor the blessings you have been given.  


Recently, I had an injury playing Pickleball.  I love playing Pickleball.  It’s fun, it’s exciting, and something I looked forward to.  I’m in rehab for the next 3-4 weeks, I must totally focus on healing. I am uncertain about what will happen next for me about playing again.  I am out for at least 3 months.   I am limited in my movement and capacity to engage in things I love.  It’s been pretty sad and upsetting.  


But, what I do know is on the other side, there is a greater life and greater meaning.  In honesty, I wish I were there today but I know this transformation is a journey.  


I must trust that life is for me.  


I know if it’s to be, it’s up to me.  I know I am in charge of creating my reality.  And, I love living in joy, peace, and love.  


So even as life looks different than I like right now, I must choose what excites me each day.  I need to be open to new possibilities trying to come to me.  


I will find new ways if I keep my focus on what I desire rather than stay focused on my loss.  It’s hard.  It’s easy to be in a pity party.


I am blessed with all the teachings I have learned to keep me riding on a higher flying disc.  


I am allowing all feelings to be there. They are all over the place.


One of my greatest freedom has been “moving.”  Walking, biking, hiking, going wherever I want.  I am blessed I can get around but my “fun” of going and doing is different for the time being.


Bo and I have talked about how much this injury brings home “when you don’t have your health,” how much life changes for you.  We have both been blessed with great health and lots of freedom.  


There is great appreciation and gratitude in new ways and with a new depth that this has created for me.  


You see how all the possessions don’t matter.  


You see how life has bigger plans for you than you do.


You see how important it is to listen to your inner guides.

What excites you today?  No matter your circumstances. 


I know for me, I am so, so grateful for how much I can get around, how much independence I have, and how much I am connected to a Higher Power.


Life can be challenging to get your attention. Each of life’s opportunities opens you more to be the greatest Self you can be.


Never allow it to take you away from your purpose, your desire, and your excitement.