What Feeling Do You Want to Lead Your Life This Holiday Season?

The holiday season is in full force – peace and joy are in the air. Or, is it?


For many people this is not what they feel. Family get togethers can be hard because they bring up so many pains of the past. Or, it can be a time of great loneliness for many, you don’t have anyone to gather with.


What are you feeling about this holiday season?


Do you find yourself complaining or enjoying this time of year?


How can this holiday season be one where you feel more peace and joy?


Maybe find a way to volunteer and help others which always puts you in a better place.

Is it changing your focus of what the holidays have meant for you so you can find more contentment and happiness?


You receive more of what you are focused on, the self-fulfilling prophecy. The more you surround yourself with joy, fun and awe, the more you will see amazing things. However, you define joy and fun in your life.  


If you are complaining and grumbling about this season, catch yourself, or maybe it is time to catch yourself, so you can shift what comes to you. If you don’t your world will be filled with more things to upset you.


How about using this time to get your life aligned with what you like and what serves you today?


Start noticing what you like about the holidays, what will make you feel more joyful and peaceful. Is it social events? The Religious Focus? Family connections? Decorating? The lights and celebrations? How generous people are during this time?  


Savor those feelings. Think about why they matter to you. It can keep you grounded and not feel overwhelmed by the added commitments.


What rituals and habits do you have that are deeply rooted for you and matter for you to feel happy and connected? Which ones need to be released as they no longer serve you or could feel like a burden based on where you are in your life today? For instance, when my parents were still living, my sisters and I always went to Arizona with our families to spend Christmas together. As they transitioned and our children are grown and have families, we don’t celebrate Christmas together. Sad, and it was hard to let go of. But, it’s reality of expanding families, careers and expenses. We still try to get together but it’s not the Christmas tradition we once had.


After you have figured out what you like, begin noticing where your stress, frustration or pain comes from.


Complaining will not allow you to feel peace and prosperity.


Notice where you are out of sorts with this time of year. Is it the stress of too much going on? Pressure that you are to “do” things you don’t like or want to do, like buy gifts or attend get togethers?   Or pain of loss or no connections?


Listen to what you inner being is saying to you. Change things up for you to have more of what you need. Maybe you have to show up at that party, but make it a short time. Decide to do less of what you don’t like. Make new choices that feel right to you as you work through transitions of rituals, demands and expectations.


Realize that complaining and being negative don’t solve the problem, your angst. Allow those feelings to guide you closer to what you want rather than drag your life down.


So, today set the intention of the feeling you want that can guide you through this 2017 holiday season with more peace and joy. Go out, and live it.