What Fun Are You Up To?

Life is as fun as you make it.

You have a new year to dream, to step out into something fun and exciting.

What could that be for you?

Where could you go?

Is it doing something you have always wanted to do? Master gardening or being part of a mission group?

Is it creating your legacy? Is that a scholarship fund or a model for kindness?

Is it trying new things you are afraid of doing? Like skydiving or meeting new people?

Let it flow. Think of things that bring pure joy to you. Don’t judge them or worry about how.

Just know you are going to have fun in 2023.

Take time to watch little kids.

Watch how they ski freely without reservations.

Watch them climb or ride their hoverboards with pure joy and confidence.

We are all connected. Your fun can encourage all kinds of people to explore beyond their limits. As we shared our adventure to Antarctica and South America with friends, it was exciting to see how engaged they became in teaching us more about the area or sharing what they had learned about it.

Traveling is a beautiful way to boost the fun in life. Not just for the adventure of what we are doing but learning about others and their stories and travel.

One man in the pool had a hat with Sturgis on it, and Bo was immediately drawn to him. Sturgis was someplace Bo had wanted us to go when we had the motorcycle. He began telling us about his and his wife’s adventures with motorcycles. So fun to listen. They were living through their life. He shared more about their journey and how they moved from 10 acres to less than 1/8th of an acre in a 55-and older community. He said it was fun and exciting because of all the community offers and being engaged with people who have “done” their life too. They each have much to share.

There is something special about acknowledging the triumphs and trials of life.

How are you making the most of life by adding fun?

Where are you limiting yourself from having more joy and fun? What have you done wrong?

Roger Teel shared, “Our judgments mask us from ourselves by making us negative experts on people and things.”

Just think about the judgments you have about fun. Too often, the fun has to be at a particular time, not all during your day. It’s limited to certain holiday days or special events.

Having fun changes your life. You are at a different vibration. You attract a more leisurely lifestyle. Fun is light-hearted. Your body is relaxed, and you let go of all that stress.

There are numerous benefits to having fun. First, think about how enjoyable being around “fun” people is.

If fun is something hard for you, decide today to add at least one (1) thing a week that is fun for you. Then, notice how much better you feel at the end of the month.

What is the most fun thing for you to do? Then, add lots more of it to your life. Notice how 2023 will be a magical year for you.