What Guides You Each Day?

What you focus on, you receive.

Who are you today and every day? Who are you BEING?

Decide to feel empowered with your life and life’s happenings.

Can you show up as the Goddess you are?

How free are you? Realize the beliefs and thoughts that are controlling your choices and ways of being. One of my friends sent me an opportunity to join a 21-day Belly Dance Challenge that she was doing. At first, I had all these judgments about it, lots of resistance. This reminded me that maybe this was something I could participate in – even though WAY OUT of my comfort zone. I joined it. I even got a little skirt to make it more fun. Absolutely hilarious.

Can you move your head side to side, back and forth, without moving other parts? Your arms flow from your shoulder to elbows, hands to fingers, and back up again. Then, alternate from one side to the other. Change the rhythm. Whew. It’s really, really good to lighten things up, to have fun rather than think I need to do it right. (No way with that!)

What guides you?

Is it your mind? How about your heart?

I’ve been focusing more on being goodness and light. Intending to lead more with my heart, compassion, and kindness. It takes work at times, and I surely like it when I’ve been given a reminder or two to get back on track, just like playing with my belly dancing. Oh, the judgments run rampant.

Where on a pendulum are you with negativity or positive happenings? Is that 70% negativity? Hopelessness? Victim? Or, are you living with a more positive attitude about life and your life?

How can you choose the direction of your life? The inner guidance?
Is it habit and routine?

Is the need to be right a priority?

What are you following?

Is it God? Notice if you trust enough to place your future in the hands of God? Are you looking for the light of the Holy Spirit? Or does fear guide you more?

Are you allowing Truth to guide you? How much news and social media are controlling your life?

Is it whim?

Are you conscious of what guides you each day?

A morning routine I have used for years now is to ask myself, “What would I like to experience today?” It reminds me that I AM in charge of my day and my life. I can decide how my day will go – even with interruptions in life. The more clarity and focus I have on what I desire, the more likely I will remind myself to get back on track when I see I’ve let life guide me rather than my intentions.

How much do you believe life is for you, and that is guiding your life? No matter what is happening. It’s easy to believe that when life is rolling along. But where do you travel when things you weren’t expecting happen. On my daughter’s birthday this week, she and her girlfriend were doing an early morning walk before work. This couple, with 3 dogs leased, came walking by. The standard poodle attacked my daughter and bit her. Luckily, she protected herself with her arms, and that’s where the infliction happened rather than her face. What a shock and disruption.

How do you recover and wonder how life is for you? It takes focus on what you believe guides your life.

As David Hawkins says, “Conflict exists in the mind of the observer and not in that which is observed.”

Think about how you could shift your life by YOU being in charge of how you want your life to go.

Not by chance.

Not by letting days go by without consciously creating them.

You are spiritual being. How could you redefine how your life will be by believing in those holy words?

Ask yourself each day, “What is guiding my life today?”

Follow your Highest Self.