What If Success Today Was Based On You Being On The Highest Vibration?


What if I told you that when you focus on love and joy, you will see a completely different world than most people talk about?


When I realized I was in charge of designing my life, my life changed.


As Pam Grout talks about in The Course in Miracles Experiment, A Starter Kit For Rewiring Your Mind, “If I’ve been this successful at creating separation and pain, what else can I create if I begin focusing on love and infinite possibilities?”


Just think about that.  What can you create if you begin focusing on love and infinite possibilities?  


Remember, when you are for something you feel empowered.  Life moves in the direction you desire.  When you are against something your energy is weaken, you go down the spiral of helpless, hopeless and victim.  


Too often you believe your job in life is to react to whatever happens next.  That you have to just get by or figure out how to pay the bills.  But, you are missing out on the beauty and joy of the life you have been given when that is the focus of your life.


Move away from resistance or having to be right to allowing and aligning with what feels right to your heart and soul.



What has stirred you up this week?  What have you heard that is churning you inside?  What is calling you forward?  


I listened to the Democratic National Convention this week.  I loved their focus.  It was about what they wanted:  Unity, honesty, integrity, decency, caring, concern, values, building on strengths, honoring differences and choosing light instead of darkness.  


Tears came to me.  It so resonated with my core values.


It is about what our soul is calling us to.  It is about going to the highest vibration.  


How you get there is up to you, and each individual person.


Mike Dooley says, “Little tiny dreams require little tiny thoughts and little tiny steps.  Great big dreams require great big thoughts and little tiny steps.”


Success is being aligned to your core values, not what party affiliation you have, not what you do or how much you have.  


Success is about being true to your soul, step-by-step and choice by choice.


To help you move closer to what you desire, Abraham teaches to “calibrate” to what you desire.  For instance, I want to be 135 pounds.  What is the vibration I need to be healthy, free and at peace at 135 pound?  


I need to choose things that make me feel healthy – food and exercise, nourishment and pleasures.  


I need to choose ways I feel free – like make choices that I want to do. 


I need to choose ways I feel peaceful – like being in nature, playing outdoors.


It’s choosing what feels right and light, fun and cheery.  If life gives you something that throws you off, choose again.  Take care of what you need, like when the washer doesn’t work.  For me, getting right on it makes me feel in control, and like I have a solution.  


Choose something that pleases you rather than going down that rabbit hole of “how could this happen,” or whatever your negative chatter is.  Then, you will change the vibration, and go to a higher frequency.  


You know where you are off, acknowledge it. Then choose ANYTHING that will shift your energy to a better feeling place – calibrating to the highest and greatest good for you in that moment, the next moment, the next and the next.  


Think of it like taking a breath.  Tune into your body, your heart and soul.  


What would make you feeling lighter and freer right now?  Loved and valued?  Joyful, grateful?  A picture of your grandchild?


Keep shifting and going higher and higher.  The more you consciously choose the higher frequency, you will change your life to seeing more love, joy, peace and abundance.  


How can you keep focusing on the most loving choice all day long?  


Instead of thinking you must do it all, how about shifting to a vibration of trusting, believing and surrendering to God’s will for you at this moment and the next?  Co-creating.


Another way to rise higher whenever you are in an uncertain situation is ask yourself if you are being true to you, and your highest relationship to God. 


As Abraham says, everyone thinks they are right, it’s not who is right or wrong.  But who is most allowing?  Who is most in alignment with their Source?  Stop and ask yourself how are you in alignment and how are you allowing in whatever conflict you find yourself in.


Read Dr. David Hawkins book, Power vs Force.  It can help you understand the different frequencies and vibrations.


Help be on the Highest Vibration – go to a frequency that is untouchable where love only exists.


The world will change.