What Inspires You To Live Bigger?

Where do you go to get your inspiration? To feel inspired?

Life can be challenging. Life can bring lots of uncertainties and unwanted.

As the Dalai Lama states, “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

Decide that you no longer want to live in the negative drama of what you are now facing and dealing with. Decide there must be another way.

Trust there IS a perfect plan unfolding for you.

The way to receive that is to open your heart and mind to something higher, lighter, and more in the flow.

Look around your life and decide what the 10s are for you. That will help lift up your life. You aim higher.

Take each area of your life – your financial life, your physical life, your emotional life, your mental life, and your spiritual life. Look at what presently gives you a feeling of a 10, a YES, a filled heart and soul. For instance, I love learning. It’s a must for me. I read a variety of things. I listen to podcasts, and I engage in a variety of new things. I mentioned before that Bo and I began learning Spanish with Duolingo this year. It’s inspiring to see how far I’ve, we’ve come. It’s exciting to realize how many new words we’ve learned. I’m on my 358th-day streak. Nearly 1 year, committed and dedicated – for my 10-20 minutes a day. It feels good and very challenging at times. That’s part of the inspiration. To overcome the unknown, the uncertainty of how to speak another language.

Learning inspires me to live bigger.

If something isn’t a 10 but still thrills you, keep it and let that inspire you to make it a 10.

Where’s the light for you? What do you need to reach higher?

How about the story in The Magazine from AARP’s February/March 2024 article about a former entrepreneur, John Foley, who went from man of leisure to muckraking reporter? He talks about how he was apprehensive as a Californian moving East to an unfamiliar town, but how welcoming the town has been. “I really feel like I am making a contribution. Besides, I’m having a wonderful time. I wake up in the morning and can’t wait to go to work.”

How much of your life are you doing what inspires you rather than what you have always done?

Where can you contribute, or where are you contributing that lifts you higher?

Where do you want more freedom? Honor where you are feeling free. Able to do what you want. There’s great inspiration in freedom.

Find areas where you are resistant. Let those areas inspire you to live bigger.

If you really listen to life, the obstacles you encounter are there to help you change course and find a higher and better way. Do not resist, complain, or feel helpless. What if, instead, you trusted your inner power?

What if you could appreciate everything around you, everything you are dealing with at the moment? Appreciate it because God, The Universe, is trying to expand your life. Whether it’s through frustration, curiosity, or you’ve had enough.

Instead of resisting, which gives you more of what you don’t want, what if you could just stop and breathe and notice what is happening without the story or the drama?

What if you could appreciate? Appreciate whatever you can because that changes the vibration, changing the solutions to what will come your way. It’s like receiving texts from girlfriends who want to know if I can walk. I love it! I’m flying higher and excited about the opportunities.

Gratitude is the greatest prayer.

Ask for a bigger heart today.

Love raises your vibration and inspires you to greater heights. Brings more goodness to you.

Look around and find all the ways you can love to bring in more 10s in your life. Love the sunsets, the sunrises, your garden, your walks, the utilities working, your car taking you where you need. If every time you began a new activity, chore, or responsibility, you stopped and appreciated and gave a word of gratitude, you would be living on top of the world. You would be showered with more things to love and adore.

Where are you blessed in your life? For us, our grandkids are such blessings. They bring pure joy to our lives. Look at what one of our 8-year-old grandsons brought Bo as he is recovering from meniscus surgery. Think of how that inspires you to live bigger.

What Inspires You To Live Bigger?

Life is almost making us find a new, more inspiring path, because what is happening right now is not working for far too many people.

What path are you choosing to inspire you to live bigger?