What Is Right And Good In This World?

Your vision matters.

You receive what you focus on.

Live out loud.

Love. Sing praises.

I love people’s stories. They are so inspiring. Each one of us have overcome some pretty amazing feats. Sometimes just to get through the day is quite an ordeal. It all needs to be celebrated. Just like the Texas Rangers winning the World Series this year. They have been a franchise over 60 years. In Texas since 1972, without winning a championship. They kept adjusting. They found what was right.

What are you doing right and good? Maybe you are one of the many who is taking care of others. What a gift you are.

The more you love yourself, you are able to love others which sends great vibrations into the Universe.

What channel are you on? Just like a television or radio, you hear what is on THAT station.

Are you focusing on what is right and good in the world?

Or are you looking at what’s wrong and complaining about how things are?

Vivian Greene says it well with, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

How could you help make things better? Where is the good in you?

As Ernest Holmes, stated, “The world that seems so foul or exquisite becomes to you what you become to it.”

You have a choice.

The collective, as well as the media, know how to garner your attention. They must scare you emotionally to show you the worst-case scenarios.

Stop choosing things to do or see that aren’t making you feel good. Slowly, you will be defeated and feel sluggish or yuk. Momentum builds.

How you feel matters.

Most humans are good and want good for themselves and others.

Keep reminding yourself to pay attention to what you desire and what matters to you. There’s good in that.

Immerse yourself in what is good and right for you, whether that is in your work, relationships, or life. Find the joy and excitement for yourself.

Joy is contagious.

What creates a Divine spark for you? To bring you to a higher vibration of sharing your love and gratitude for all the goodness you have been given. For all the goodness in life.

Where is your attention?

Decide to become more conscious of how you are living life. Decide to feel empowered by knowing you are in charge of how your life will go. Decide to spread goodness.

Each day find 5 good things about you and about the world around you.

Think about the volunteer organizations you enjoy and all the good they do.

Think about causes that people start because of their passions.

Think about the food trains people start when someone needs support.

Life is full of wonderful, kind and caring people. Let it become your point of interest.

The world needs more love and joy. Let it begin with you.