What Is The Feedback You Are Receiving From The Outside of the World Mirror You Are Seeing?


What are you noticing all around you?  Who are you attracting in your life?  What are the conversations you are having?



Is it about the beautiful people and things in life?

Is it about the joy and peace that people resonant?

Is it about angry and violent people?

How about the world is in chaos? How about how unsettled your life is?

The outside world is mirroring your thoughts and beliefs.


What are you seeing?  The feedback has important messages for you.


What’s pushing your buttons?  


There is not peace and love when you, or anyone else, are not honored and valued for who you are.   


Inequalities, misogyny or zenophobia.  


What is bothering you?


How can knowing the outside world is a mirror for you, help you?  


Noticing where you are out of sorts and are upset is important information.  These are areas of your life that are asking to be healed.  

The feedback is telling.


As The Course of Miracles says, “Every relationship is an Holy Encounter.”  That relationship is mirroring something in you, whether it’s your light or your darkness.  For those you admire or enjoy, it’s your light that is shining for you.  If you are annoyed or begrudging about others, your shadow is showing you something that needs to be healed, needs some work done inside of you.


You receive clues.  Your moods, your health or illnesses.  Notice your feelings, and your stories and conversations you are having.  Are they what you want in your life?


Realize that below the physical level you are seeing or pain you are experiencing is something deep inside of you that needs your attention.


If you are angry about what is happening, it’s time to dig deep and find the root cause.  Where are you being marginalized?  Where are you afraid your rights will be less?  


The world is not allowing you to fake it right now.  It is in your face big time


It is asking each of us to come to the table to clean up our own messes.  Our own prejudices, limiting beliefs.  


It is asking each of us to become more of who God created us to be – more loving, kind human beings.


But, it doesn’t happen overnight.  It happens when you are fed up.  


And, I believe enough people are.  I believe we are at a tipping point to change deep problems that are in our bodies and systems.


Find the messages you need to heal so you can live more in peace and love.  


Decide what you want to do about them.  Be open and willing to find help so you can release the inner struggle and pain.  


It’s not clean and easy to get there.  But, it’s worth the challenge and work to make it happen.  


I love in my August edition of Science of Mind magazine how Reverend Dr. David Alexander discusses, “We were made for this moment.”  

He goes on to talk about when you want something, in order to get there, everything unlike itself emerges to be reconciled.  For instance, if you want peace, you will find yourself in the midst of lots of chaos and craziness.  Kind of like these times.  He continues with, if you are wondering how did all this present situation come to be, he says, “The answer is, it is from our prayers.”  


People are asking for peace and love.   


Now, we have to commit and clean up the places where that is not happening. 


Remember, you are made for this moment.  


Use this transitional period to create what you desire for this new emerging world by cleaning up limiting thoughts and beliefs.   


How do more peace and love look in your life?


Ask – what doesn’t fit you anymore and you keep trying to make it work?  Is it In your mind, on your body or in your heart?  What do you no longer need?  Who is too heavy to be around?  What’s limiting your thinking?


What is the mirror revealing to you?  What needs to change?  


Do the work.


It’s time to use the feedback you are receiving, and purge.  


Life is a mirror.