What Is Your Part To The Recovery Of Our Nation?


Where is your heart aching today? What is tugging at you?


Take a moment to go within and find why that is bothering you. There’s meaning and matter there for you.


It’s time to become more conscious and find ways to heal the deep trenches within each one of us.


If you can’t let go of the gun violence, seek what you can do at your level. Too often the issue feels like there is nothing you can do. For many gun owners they say they don’t want their rights taken away. Peel it down, and maybe where in their lives are they feeling powerless? Where are they feeling unsafe?


Is it inflation for you?


Is it the lying, disinformation and misinformation that pushes your buttons?


Is it the ruthless, mean ways we are treating others?


Is it taking away our rights?


Is it the blaming and irresponsibility?


I heard on a podcast this week, we need to claim our country is sick and needs healing. Think of it like a cancer. Sick and needs healing. But first you must own the sickness and be willing to do your part to heal.


It’s easy to put the blame outside, blame the other person or groups. But nothing gets done, the hole gets bigger and worse.


Just like where we are today.


The change begins within. Find out what really is bothering you.


How can you be open to possibilities of how all this CAN change? How can you ask more empowering questions to move to the level of possibilities? Like, “What else is possible?”


How can you open your heart and find your part in this?


We are all here in this time and space because we have a part. Find your part.


What is triggering you? That’s the healing for you. I hate the lies, the disinformation, the gaslighting. I hate the meanness, the cruelty and the insensitivity that is being displayed. I can own my part. I see where I was so focused on the tasks and getting things done that at times, I wasn’t listening to my heart or others. I have spent years peeling away layers to help me move from my head to my heart. I have spent years becoming empowered and more conscious that I have choices. That I don’t have to be brainwashed by the church, people of more power. I can see what is right by me, the moral compass and heart that guide me.


My part is to awaken more people. To let you know you can find peace, love and kindness. To let you know you can feel safe and secure when you find yourself. When you take responsibility for your part in this crazy world. Where you can see where you are creating discord in your life, in the world around you. It’s the healing needed, the compassion and forgiveness.


Your kids, partner and family around you are probably shining big lights right now for you to see where your journey to more peace, kindness and love can begin. It feels like darkness to you, anger, stress or overwhelm. It’s never about what’s outside you. It’s about what’s going on within you – calling you to more love, healing. I know it doesn’t feel or look like that but that is what is happening.


Our world is calling each one of us to open up to another way. Are you fed up enough? Just like when you think we are one step closer towards sensible gun responsibility, and more shootings happen. But, the only solution is more love. That is to keep your attention and anger on caring and being willing to step up and do something.


Wake up. This is the call for love. There is too much fear, and of course you can understand why.


Ask what can you do to help heal our country, our world? Your life?


The more society digs in deeper trying to prove the other side wrong, the worse it is for the collective.


Change only happens when you are ready, open and willing to understand and seek a different response. Even if you don’t know how or don’t see how.


How are YOU willing to bring more love, acceptance and peace to your life? Your community? The bigger world?


It all begins with you and me. Not out there.


What’s your part? What will you commit to so we can stop the carnage?