What Matters Most To You As You Plan For These Retirement Years?

As Abraham-Hicks says, “Everything you do is for the purpose of the joy that is giving you.”

Do you realize the power and ability you have to create the life you want?

As a Life Coach, I want to make sure you are creating that life you love.


Planning For The Best Years of Your Life

As you think about your retirement, your day and your week, what’s most important for you?

I want you to become intentional about your life and this time of your life.

If you don’t, you miss out on the type of life you desire and deserve.

And, there’s a great chance that you become depressed when you let life pass you by and you don’t plan for what you want.

Retirement can be a time of great fun and freedom.  But, you have to know what that means to you.

That means paying close attention to what matters to you.

Think about what makes:

Your heart sing.

You come alive.

You feel on top of the world.

Living What Matters


I know for me, my world must be full of joy.  Sometimes it happens in the little things I have planned like seeing our grandkids, sharing my work or getting our 10,000 steps as my husband and I walk after dinner.

Then, there are major ways events I have planned bring joy to my life.

For instance, I had a “virtual tea” with another online entrepreneur, Calvin Simpson, who owns the company Happful, at happful.com.

Happful stands for happy and fulfilled.  How great is that!

Happful has a concierge service to cross “book” off your bucket-list, promising to keep the fun in writing, while publishing your story to the world.  If you have ever thought about passing your legacy through a book, then this program may be right for you in unRetirement. Just reach out to Calvin@happful.com and mention my name.

It’s so perfect to align with my e-course, Thriving in unRetirement, to help you create your legacy.

Your dream of writing that book becomes a reality.

Joyful for me when I connect with other people who can help my tribe and who are making a difference in the world.

Another source of great joy for this week, I was accepted to guest blog for Sixty & Me.

It’s a community that helps other women this age to live happy, healthy and financially secure lives. Margaret’s purpose is to provide ideas for turning passions into profitable work, share ways to build strong bodies and minds, and to create a mindset that sees life after sixty as a positive, vibrant and active time.

Sign up to join the online community at sixtyandme.com  if it aligns with what you want for your life.

The joy from this opportunity exudes because I can serve a greater number of Boomers and Retirees.  Excited that I reached out and was true to my mission and goals for this year.

You get what you are looking for.

That is why it’s so important to know what you want and then design your life around that.


Tips To Helping You Know What Matters


  1. Find out what your core values are. Take time to write yours out. These are values that must be part of your life for you to feel your best.  There are lists of values for you to check out.  Notice the ones that resonant with your life, what you are all about – For example –  fun, joy, service, caring, support, adventurous, excellence, respectful, passionate, efficient, innovation, etc.
  1. What 3 statements would you want people to say about you at your 85th           birthday?
  1. What 5 words would you like to have on your tombstone that would clearly describe you and your life’s purpose?

What matters to you?  Making a difference, staying active or traveling the world.

Use these 3 tips to help you create the retirement you want.

Whatever it is, keep that in mind as you plan your life.

Don’t let time fade away.

Listen to that music in your heart.

Plan for the retirement life you want.

Need help designing the life you want in retirement?  Sign up for a FREE coaching session at dottiehager.com.

Dreams do come true when you plan for them.