What Message Are You Sending About How You Lead Your Life?

April Blog

As you go about your day to day activities and life, do you stop and think about the message you are sending about how you “do” life?

Would people describe you as caring, abrasive, a leader, a bully, kind or a peacemaker?

How would you describe yourself?

Whether you are conscious or unconscious your life is sending messages of what you are doing, being or having.

Is it the message you want?

Take time to think about it – ask people, something is driving your life.

Make it what you want.

Today, in my Science of Mind daily reflection for April 30th titled “Use Me Today” triggered my desire to write this blog.

As I was reflecting on how I would fill in Use Me Today to… I wrote in to inspire, bring hope and possibilities.

Those words are me!

  • I love showing positive examples of what can be possible in life. There’s so much negative. Life can be hard. People need to see more examples of what’s possible for their lives.
  • I love thinking about how I can help others (and myself) be the best they can be, bring hope and possibilities to them. As the quote of Thomas Edison says, “If we did the things we’re really capable of we would literally astound ourselves.”
  • I love helping others see how there can be a “gift” in a “bad” situation – how that might help them be the greatest version of themselves. Like, how my divorce as painful as it was, opened my life to a whole new world of possibilities that I wouldn’t have seen because I was so stuck on life being a “certain” way. Life is preparing you for something greater.
  • I love helping others see how what they perceive as a negative situation can be seen in different way. Like a shift in attitude – instead of seeing retirement as the end of your life, how about seeing it as the beginning of the greatest chapter of your life? How about beating the statistics and status quo and creating a new model of what’s possible? Just like 85 year old Arne, a vet, who crossed off tap dancing from his bucket list or 92 year old Ms. Brinker who had book signings of her memoir this year.

How would you fill in Use Me Today? What is the message you want to send about how you lead your life?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Arpil 2

What will it take for you to make that shift or change?

Begin today sending out one message of how you want to lead your life. If it is that you want people to know how caring and compassionate you are, what will you do?

Check out the YouTube video that Steve Hartman created about a calling that Eugene. It ended up it was to help out Arthur, a paraplegic, who vowed he’d walk again someday. Eugene helped make that possible.

You can make your life more meaningful. Make a choice today. Decide that you will lead a life with the message you choose, not just be busy and go through your day-to-day routines and let life’s true meaning pass you by.

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