What Part of 2021 Was Significant To Your Life?


Your life matters. The last 24 hours. The last 1,440 minutes. And the last 86,400 seconds.


Are you consciously choosing to make your life meaningful?


What guided your life in 2021?


Did you use the One Word focus?


Were you able to stay on course, or were you diverted in another direction?


When you were derailed, were you able to use your One Word, vision, or purpose of helping you be back on track?


Life will always have its peaks and valleys.


There were definitely challenges in this year.


Have you taken the time to acknowledge them and see how they could be “for” you?


Are you resisting all the adversities and challenges 2021 presented?


Do you hear yourself saying things like, “If only this wasn’t this way?


Remember, what you resist persists.


Where were you most focused? What were your highlights? What mattered to you most this year?


Which happenings opened you to a greater you and allowed you to see a bigger perspective?


Was there a health scare?


A closer walk with God?


A loss of a loved one?


A promotion?


More love in your life?


More fun?


Retirement or even thinking about the possibility?


How was your 2021 significant?


Do you act and think in the way you intended for 2021 to go for you?


My teachings focus on helping you creatively design your life and live in alignment with your design. The process is messy. Because you have your ideas and the Universe throws the collective consciousness into the mix, it’s essential to be clear of your deepest desires.


The importance is to know what matters to you. Know how you want to feel and build your life around that. You will remember how you felt over and over again. You will learn how 2021 was significant for you.


How was 2021 significant for you?


Make each day matter, each month matter.


Make your life matter for you.