What Prison Walls Have You Created That Keep You Stuck?


You stay feeling bad.  Why?


Become aware that you have the choice of what you allow in your mind and in your life.


You cannot hear God if you are listening to the negative chatter of your mind or ego.


I never realized the mental clutter I had until I started learning about Science of Mind.  Change your thinking, change your life.  It is amazing by just paying attention to how you think, how much you can understand why your life is like it is.  Just that small aha can change your life. 


When you begin redirecting your life in the direction of what you want rather than being in the story about how bad life is, it’s a whole new world that you never imagined.  And, you wonder why you were that way and why it took you so long to wake up to new possibilities.  And, of course, none of those help you to move on. 


Think about how you can move beyond your mind and listen to what is true in your heart. 


As Michael Singer says, “You must die to be reborn.”  Which means you must be willing to let go of your ego self to become your Higher Self.   Let your old self go so you can emerge fresh and open to what wants to come to you for this year, this decade.


What is wanting to emerge in your life?


I know when I first began slowing down and listening, I didn’t like all the voices I heard – how I wasn’t doing this right or should have done that.  But, when you go beyond that chatter to that still voice that is the God within you, life is different.  You understand your Higher purpose, the larger connection to something bigger than yourself.  You feel connected, life feels good and right.


It takes practice and commitment to move beyond the walls of the past and your mind.


Be devoted to trusting you know the way best for you.  Develop that connection to God, the Universe, by listening more often to what you are guided to do.


You can chart your life’s course.  You are responsible for believing in yourself and listening to the calls for your life. You choose the way you look at the world and your everyday happenings.


Use this new year to help propel you to remove the prison walls that limit your life so you can hear your inner guidance.


You can see what’s robbing you of life and energy. 


Depending upon how heavy your baggage is, and what you have not walked through and released, you could be over the weight limit allowed.  It can take some time.  Be easy on yourself.


Let go of whatever is no longer serving you. 


Just like our time in Hawaii.  It has rained most of the time limiting our outside play – walking, biking or swimming.  But, look what we received – a double rainbow, time and time again.  Just a continuous reminder to love what is. 



I read about creating mental health freedom. 


You can free yourself.   


You release all the anger, grudges, wounds, shame or guilt, and all your regrets for a day.  Then you can notice how freeing that is, how light you feel and how you can look forward.  Then, you can begin that inward journey of another day and another day.


You can choose to be defensive or open-minded. 

You can choose to feel empowered or be a victim and feel miserable. 


The first step to any change is becoming aware.  Aware of how you are perceiving life, aware of the choices you are making and aware of what is directing your life. 


Commit to freeing yourself from whatever is holding you back from doing what’s most important to you. 


What prison walls in your life need to be released whether mentally, physically, spiritually or emotionally?


It’s another year and another decade, time to move on.


Life IS better on the other side.