What Road Are You Choosing For Yourself?

In life, you are always “trying to get” someplace. Yet, where is that for you?

Are you spinning on overwhelm to do everything on your schedule?

Is the chatter in your head so much you wonder if you are okay? Will life ever be manageable?

Are you a seeker, like me, thinking I will find the answer with just one more program or idea?

One of the first things to know is what you want for yourself. I know I want to live Healthy, Vibrant, and Fulfilled. Then I must define that for myself – What does my life look like to live a healthy, vibrant, and fulfilled life? For me, that is to be active, explore, and help people awaken to a more extraordinary life.

Recently, we took an RV trip to Mackinaw Island, Michigan. Then, we went to Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes outside Traverse City, Michigan. At first look from the parking lot, it appears you climb this huge dune, and that’s all. But just like life, there are many roads to choose from once you reach the top, even though you couldn’t see all the choices when you began.

Life keeps giving to you, and it’s up to you to choose the right road for you at that point and time in your life. As this picture shows, there are lots of choices, narrow ones, wider ones, and ones in all different directions.

We chose a path that we saw others going toward. We had no idea of where it was going. Just curious.
The road was up and down. As we kept moving, there was another downhill peak, some way more significant than the one we had just completed. How is that like life?

It was raining, misting, and muggy. We were drenched. Does that affect you? Do you let it stop you in your tracks?

People were coming back so joyful. Kids were running down so loud and playful. The energy was high. I reached out and asked this young couple where they had been. I could tell this path we chose was going on and on. “27 poles and a swim in Lake Michigan,” they shared so excitedly.

Were we going to go for it? We were like at 4 or 5. I thought we had done great.
I had asked Bo if we should take a backpack with some water, but we decided we didn’t need it to climb that ONE DUNE. I should have trusted my instincts to do it just in case.

What road are you choosing for yourself?

At pole 9, there was the biggest drop. We were a little uncertain. Had we done enough? Staring at 10, we could see it was quite the upward challenge. We stopped and pondered if we really wanted to go on. We had already had fun. It felt good to be out there barefoot in the sand, pushing ourselves and enjoying the opportunity and beauty of nature.

What do you use to keep you focused on your path?

I said, “Let’s go halfway.” We got to 14, and I was elated. I said, “Let’s go for it.”

We did. We made it to walk right in Lake Michigan. (See it in the back of us.) I even did a happy dance.

Life is constantly asking you to live more fully, live more of who you are.

What road are you choosing for yourself? What’s holding you back?

Most people are living an unconscious life. Becoming conscious requires you to go deep, question, and become curious. Get in alignment with what you are desiring. You become the observer, noticing more of life and what’s suitable for YOU, not someone else’s guidelines. You realize the greater wisdom is within you, listening to guidance from God or your Higher Power.

Once you choose your direction, you have a better idea of where you might be heading.

  • Could you dedicate your life to your love’s purpose?
  • Could you dedicate your life to slowing down and receiving God’s ideas of goodness and share those?
  • Could you dedicate your life to more excellent health and prosperity for humanity?

We are choosing to live life fully. Explore, sometimes out of our comfort zone, and be open to new possibilities. We are expressions of our highest joy. The Sleeping Bear Dunes gave us that.

What road is calling you today?