What Are You Doing To Spark The Joy In You?

You attract others and situations based on the energy you are transmitting.

What are you emitting? Joy, doubt, hopefulness, or helplessness?

If you wonder why others have situations you wished you had, notice their persona, their energy. They have found ways to love life or make the most of whatever they are given.

The greatest joy is when you realize that you ARE responsible for how your life goes.

Yes, there is a lot you have no control over.
Yes, you must realize the impact of the collective consciousness on
your life.
Yes, crummy things happen.

But, YOU have the opportunity to direct how all that creates the life you desire. But, as my coaching teacher taught us, the gold is in the dark.

Yes, you must mine it.
Yes, you must work through the stages of grief to finally see the

But, from your pain, there can be great joy because it can break you open in a way you would have never known. Think of all the people you read about. Think of those who have overcome or are on their journey to transforming a situation. Their pain is their story of enlightenment. A new revelation. A new joy. A new way of seeing life.

What Sparks The Joy In You?

Find all the 10s in your life. Where right now can you say you are riding high in a 10 in your life? Then, savor those, and duplicate them.

Add more 10s to your life.

One of the ways to spark joy in you is to take each area of your life – your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual and notice where you are living a 10. Not to make you wrong or bad but to bring awareness to where you CAN bring greater joy to your life. Start with one area, like your physical. Think about your house, your car, or your body.
A small thing like cleaning up your car can bring you joy. Agree with yourself to keep your car clean each week. Watch how your attitude changes. Positive expectations. Feels good when you get inside. Pride.

Then notice where else you can add some 10s or move up areas in your life from 6s to 8s. Keep your focus on feeling joy.

If something in your life is a 5 or less, get rid of it, maybe slowly in some cases. Those areas are no longer serving you but hold you down. That can’t work anymore for you.

Bo and I were talking to one of our kids about the need to take care of their bodies at their age because, as you age, your body tightens, creaks, and stiffens unless you keep it moving. We both notice when we awaken in the morning how our bodies talk to us. But we choose to stretch and move it. It’s why I always liked 5:30 am, exercise classes. At times, it felt hard to get moving, but once the class began, my body was in
heaven and great for the day.

Try it and see how much better you feel, even when it’s hard at first. Try 3 stretches and notice how much better. Then add 3 more next week. You will be thanking yourself in big ways. Grateful and Joyful.

Joy is an internal game. It matches up day-to-day life with what you really love. I want more peace in my life, so I begin daily with meditation. It calms me, my nervous system, and my mind down. I have to start with myself first rather than thinking it’s outside of myself. My day begins more peaceful and at a much better pace.

Where can you begin?

How can you dance more, create more, and love more so you can feel more joy?

What are you doing to spark joy in your life? I just went to Europe on a Backroads biking and Rhine River Cruise with 3 girlfriends. Oh, my goodness. JOY was the energy for our nearly 2-week adventure—the best – being with my girlfriends, biking, traveling, and exploring new places.

Yes, these are things that align with what I love. PURE JOY!

How can you fill your world with more things that bring you this great joy?

Can you imagine what our world could be if more of us lived in joyful ways?

I’m asking you to do your part. I am.