What Stories Are You Repeating That Aren’t Serving Your Best Life?

Life is what you continually think about.

Your thoughts have everything to do with your health, wealth, and how your life is going.

Your patterns guide your life.

You have to become aware of what is not happening the way you had hoped for in your life. Once you notice, the work is to be curious about your habits and thinking that might be in the way of your best life. For instance, weight has been an issue for me for, well, my life. As I ponder and learn why, I see how I repeat the same stories.

“Losing weight is hard.”
“I can’t keep it off.”
“It’s not fair; I work so hard.”

See how I focus on what’s wrong, not what I want. I stay in the victim energy. I receive what I think about.

What if instead of these stories, I believe I am resourced, I believe life is for me, and I believe it can be easy?

Whew, I can feel my inner being already resisting those thoughts – even though, in some places, I do totally believe that.

What are you arguing for? Your limitations rather than your dreams and desires like mine.

Awareness is the first step.

Your stories keep you stuck.

Notice if you have an illness that you keep repeating. You don’t deny it; you acknowledge the pain or situation. You don’t want to stay in the helpless or hopeless energy. You want to breathe and ask for guidance. You want to shift from the “problem” to the solution or freedom from the situation.

Notice if you have an addiction and your story around it.

Notice where you are negative and feel defeated in life.

Notice what isn’t working in your life.

They all come back to stories and situations you keep repeating and believing.

That is why it is so important to notice the mirror of life. Everything around you is reflecting back to you important feedback. If things trigger you, those are areas that need your attention or healing. Sometimes easy to let go of once you realize and honor why that has a strong hold on you. Some things will need more work and time because the wounds are deep.

But, the truth is it can all be easy. But we don’t believe that, so it usually takes time to move out of the resistance and how habits are easy to stay with.

Life is always evolving.

Are you in the way of life showing you your best life?

Honor what you truly want, and let go of the baggage in the way of you receiving that.

Being the observer of the stories you are repeating that aren’t serving you is powerful.

Don’t make yourself wrong or feel guilty about how you have survived thus far; just know you are worth having what you desire. Then, go for it without the stories that hold you back.

Today, take notice of where you are feeling powerless. Like statements such as, “It is just the way it is,” “Nothing has worked before.”

Decide you are ready to live a more empowered life by:

Choosing in the direction of what you want.

Feeling that you deserve the life you desire.

Knowing you are resourced to make it happen.

Begin today to live a more inspired life.

Change your stories, change your life.