What type of adventures do you take?

Adventures wake you up to life’s possibilities. What type of adventures do you take? Where in your life do you allow yourself to trek into the unknown or vastness of life? What happens for you when you take an adventure? What adventure are you willing to commit to in your life to awaken you to more of life? To put some more fun into your life? Be willing to take that action.

1 thought on “What type of adventures do you take?”

Michale Gentry

My favorite adventures are with my kids doing really simple things….from making a book to taking a walk around the lake or finding a special rock. We are really good at having adventures in our own back yard. This new app I am using is 1 second every day and you can take little snippets of video from each day (or when you remember) and it streams it into a little video. It is a great gratitude “journal” to look back at the snippets from each day.

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