What Would It Take For You To Have An Awesome Day?


Let the energy of awesomeness be your focus for today, this week, and this month.


Say, “Something amazingly awesome will happen to me today.” Then, be on the hunt for the blessings of awesomeness.


What you focus on, you receive.


Success breeds success. The more you focus on excellent, the more you will receive.


Decide what a fantastic day is for you.



Is it enjoying the outdoors?


Is it being with your friends more?


Is it being a contribution?


Remember, you don’t have to try so hard. There’s magic and miracles all around. Take time to notice.


What brightens your day and makes it feel exciting?


We decided to go to the Farmer’s Market since we hadn’t been since they changed venues. It was different but had an excellent focus on wellness and homegrown—lots of baked goods. I’d say the home-baked bread was the biggest hit from the lines. Then we took a 15-mile bike ride out in the country to avoid the busy roads. It was relaxing and beautiful while enjoying the vastness and freedom. Then I came home and jumped in the pool. So refreshing. Stupendous, and it was just noon.


What gives you the feeling of freedom?


How can you let loose and be free so you can be flying high to have a fabulous day?


What is blocking you from that? Do you know those are only thoughts going through your head? That isn’t real. You are more significant than those thoughts. So go beyond those thoughts, and do something incredible with this day.


Notice how limited your thinking stays. Is it I have chores to do, I have to…, I should.., rather than doing something awe-inspiring? Take a moment and feel the difference.


Permit yourself to be childlike, creative, and fun.

Life is meant to be enjoyed!


Let that child in you be free to explore and be curious about how you can do something breathtaking today, tomorrow, and this week. Imagine how much lighter and easier your life can be.


I know; I’m a taskmaster. I’m a “let’s get things done person kinda.” But I know that when you put yourself in incredible energy, things will get done for you in unique ways. Life flows and unfolds for you.


You have infinite energy if you tap into this joyful frequency.


Decide today to move into the highest vibrations of joy, bliss, and contentment before you begin whatever project or task you do.


Notice all that happens for you.


Life will change. You will feel less stressed and more present with the magic and beauty around you.


Go for having a fabulous day, week, and month.