What Would Your Life Be Like If You Lived It Differently?


I believe we are getting closer to a tipping point in these chaotic times. I believe people are tired of the meanness, the hurt, and deception.


I believe we were created to be more like love than hate which is only fear.


Anger and worry are powerful forces. They are heavy burdens. Your body and mind take a beating because of them.


What if instead, you decided to take steps to a more blissful life.


What would life be like if you decided to let bliss be your guide for all you do?


How would your life feel if you made decisions based on whether you were feeling bliss or not?


Imagine how peaceful, relaxed and joyful you would feel each and every day. Can you feel your shoulders relax and your breath deepen?


Yes, there will continue to be darkness and craziness out there.


But, your world can feel different because your focus has changed.


Think about if everyone was living the golden rule of “do unto others as you would have done to you.” Can you feel the bliss?


Sense how it would be if kindness was most important to our leaders and families.


Do you realize that it IS possible to create this new way of being?


And choosing something like bliss to lead your life can begin that change.


It is within you and me.


You must understand the power of your thoughts and desires.


As Margaret Mead’s famous quote says, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”


If you are unhappy or discontent with life, let today’s message guide you to a new place to live more fully.


The more you are ready to live your life differently, then change will happen. You will be ready.


Take time to define what bliss look likes for YOU.


Your bliss will look differently than mine.


My bliss begins with how I create the world around me. The people and circumstances I surround myself with.



I choose people who live with a glass-half-full and are willing to be solution oriented rather than negative. It is a choice.


I choose media that is focused on creating more peace and acceptance. Like Deepak Chopra and Science of Mind.


I choose to fill our house with positive vibes from having an order to the art we have around us.


I choose places to go that fill our souls.


Begin by seeing if you are living more from your ego or your heart.


Ask questions like:


Are you willing to give up the need to be right and choose kindness?


Are you willing to trust life is FOR you rather than being angry and being a victim of circumstances?


Are you willing to see another way? Such as allowing bliss to lead your world.


Notice any resistance like that’s impossible. Realize that is one way to look at life but it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s where the change begins.


Ask yourself how can you be a light for the world and for your life.


How can your life be different so you can feel bliss?