Whatever Life Has Given You Today, Are You Focusing On The Bright Side Or The Challenge?


Life will give you more of what you focus on.  Focus on the bright side.


Life is really in two realms.  The physical part that you are experiencing through your five senses and then the Higher realm of the meaning of your life.  


As you are experiencing life, enjoy and take in both.  Don’t just stay in the shallow waters but delve in the deeper, more expansive understandings.

In the book, Seven Blind Mice, the author, Ed Young, takes you through scenarios of the mice’s story of what they see which is only their limited part.


“On Tuesday, Green Mouse set out.  He was the second to go.  “it’s a snake,” he said.”  


Finally, in the end, you see the elephant. Each mouse only talked about their limited perspective which is what you and I often do with life.  


We miss out on the bigger picture of how magnificent life is orchestrated for you.


What if instead, you could step back and celebrate ALL that happens to you. 


Because there is a bigger picture for you to see when you take the time to reflect and honor all parts of your life.  The decades, the good, the hard, the joys, and the challenges.  They are all helping create the YOU that you were meant to be.  


Yes, you must deal with whatever life has given you today.  But, it can be seen through different eyes, and you will receive different results.  If your car wouldn’t start or your air-conditioned broke down, let yourself have moments of frustration or anger or whatever you feel.  But, then stop and see what the higher realm is wanting you to see.  


Is it to be more grateful for how much of your life is working?  


Is it to see how abundant you really are?


Is it an opportunity to seek new solutions?


It’s seeing the brighter side, helping your life make sense.


As I mentioned last week, I’m sidelined for a few months from my normal physical activities.  But, as I sat back and asked what was emerging for me to know.  The bigger message of LISTEN, connect with God.  Follow your heart and intuition.  Honor what you hear.  These are the messages that came through clearly.  I am slowed down in the physical world.  Now it’s up to me to practice more listening within to tap into the higher consciousness. That is where I desire to live.  But, I needed to slow down to allow the connections.


Which in fact is what I had been asking for.  It just wasn’t how I was thinking it would happen.  Of course not, I didn’t want to be inconvenienced.  But, I wasn’t listening before.  I was thinking I knew best.  I wasn’t always looking on the brighter side.  I was thinking it would happen a “certain” way.  


Everything is perfect.  Life is for you.  You get what you are asking for. – even though it might not seem like it at the moment.


Slow down and take time to piece together what is emerging in your life.  Go to the Higher realm of life.


Take time to laugh at how it is all coming together for you based on what you are asking or the stories you tell.  


Notice how God, the Universe is trying to get your attention.


If you aren’t liking where you are today, look at what you are most focused on – the bright side or how life has done you wrong.