What’s Calling You To Your Greatness


The spiritual journey helps you evolve to the greatest, grandest version of you, and it begins where you are.


Life becomes more meaningful when you know your purpose for your life. When you see life as more than making it through a day or your job.


You make choices based on that purpose. It helps you decide what’s most important for you to get involved with and what path to go down.


I was listening to a podcast by Kyle Cease. He said, “You are here to open the hearts of people.”


Think of how profound, yet how simple that statement is. Can you imagine the impact each of us would have if first, we opened our own hearts and then we shared that love with the people in our inner circles, and then they shared with others in their inner circles? Just feel the difference of how much kinder and caring our world would be if our hearts were open.


Are you in for it?


As Agapi Stasinopoulos suggests ask these questions about life to keep you focused on your Higher Purpose:


What am I here to learn?

What am I here to teach?

What am I here to overcome?

What am I here to complete?

What am I here to express?


Living on purpose is your Divine calling to grow into the perfection of you. Not being someone different, but shedding all that isn’t you.


Discovering your purpose is what helps you be true to yourself.


Your purpose is your inspiration, your connection to something bigger than you. It adds meaning to whatever you are doing, no matter the “job.”


When you know you are living on purpose it changes the dynamics of how you feel about situations.


Purpose doesn’t have to be big and gigantic, it’s a focus or calling. Like Kyle Cease’s opening your heart.


A life without purpose feels empty and why some people feel so sad or depressed.   Just like when you don’t feel good about what’s going on, most people reach for junk food. Research says you’re 60% more likely to be depressed eating all that processed food and refined carbs and processed meats. It’s a downward spiral when it doesn’t have to be. Why not instead, think about how you can serve or do good for the planet.


Think about an early happy memory in your life? Write it down. What feeling is there? What is a recent happy memory, like today or yesterday that you had? Write it down. What did you notice about both of them? What feeling did you have?


For me, since Sunday was Mother’s Day. I think back of how neat it was each vacation when we went home to Phoenix, Mom would make each of us our special dinner. I loved her shrimp cocktail. Great joy, and feeling special. And, this weekend, I received flowers from my kids and felt the same. It all brightens my inner being and my world. So for me, my purpose has to contain joy.



My mission is to awaken thousands of people to a life of more joy. In everything I do, I try to create joy or show others how to live their best life which adds more joy to their lives.


What is your feeling? See how you can give that in your relationships, your job, and in the physical and mental aspects of your life.


As you begin aligning your days based on your purpose and meaning you feel more passionate about life and are more excited about your days. Think about how much healthier we would all be.


By prioritizing your day to focus on what’s important to you, life is easier and more meaningful. No matter what you are going through.


It’s all about acknowledging and understanding you were created to give your special gift. First, know what feeling is special to you.


What’s calling you to your greatness? Opening your heart? Or, helping others open theirs to create a more loving world?