What’s Important To You In These Next Decades Of Life?


Looking at the results of my survey, it was great to see that you want to live life fully. You want to do something meaningful, exercise and be healthy, spend time with family, travel and earn more income.


I love this because this is helping my crusade of championing new models of aging. Often when our parents retired that meant of life of being sedentary. Which we know today leads to a less healthy life.


Today people are living longer, so the need IS to know how to make the most of your time.


I’m on it for you.


One of the other standout messages I received from the survey is “you don’t know how to get started doing what you love.”


I love helping you figure out just how to make your dreams or desires a reality.


My intention is to have my monthly calls on Revving Up Retirement and my weekly blogs focus on some of these points from the survey for you.


When I was planning this first call, I used the input from the survey. I created the content – Planning the Lifestyle You Want to help you reimagine what your retirement could be. I think at times you limit your possibilities and abilities based on past models of what could be.    


No longer do you need to do that.


I felt like looking at the lifestyle you want was a good beginning. It gives you an overview of important points to think about when you are designing the next decades of your life.


Retirement is a big transition in life. There’s a great sense of freedom and an opportunity to authentically express who you are.


You must know what’s significant to you. You clearly stated the balance of doing something meaningful, exercise and being healthy, time with family, travel and possibly earning more income was what you wanted.


It’s relevant to understand the stages of retirement you go through so you have a wider view of how to plan and decide what you want to do along the way. (This part of the call seemed to be most helpful to the listeners who have responded to me. I always appreciate feedback.)


Think about what you want retirement to look like 1 year from now? If you are newly retired, it’s all about the freedom. But then, you realize, too much time. You think about what now? Hopefully, you do begin something that matters to you because 1/3 of people become depressed within 2 years of retirement. Usually, you’ve lost purpose, value and connections.


Then begin thinking about what about 5 years from now? 10 or 20. Yes, probably more like 20 or 30 years.

Social security says you will live 18-20 years after retirement.

The fastest growing age groups are those over 85 years old and then those over 100 are the second fastest growing.


You need to plan for those years to live healthy, vibrant and fulfilled.


Take time to listen to the call to have more tidbits. There was a great conversation between two of the participants at the end regarding the different stages they were in and their husbands were in.


Here’s the link to the call: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zz2z2asz2j16yn4/Aug.%2023.17%20Revving%20Up%20Your%20Retirement.mp3?dl=0.


Give yourself some time to brainstorm, ponder what you want your lifestyle to be during these next decades. How you choose to live matters.

Need some clarity, sign up for a free Discovery call at dottiehager.com. It’s fun and freeing.

Next month’s call will be on Tuesday, September 26th. I’ll focus on helping you decide what you might like to do, what are your passions, dreams and desires.

I hope to see you on the call.


I’m also doing a workshop at Integris Friday, Sept. 29 that gives you some ideas too.

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Thanks for taking the time to fill out the survey. I want to provide you with what you need, what inspires you and what moves you to your greatest Self.