What’s Inspiring You Today?

Today with all the negativity, fear, and division, it’s important that you keep focused on what’s inspiring you.

Sit for a moment and think about what matters to you. Being in our 70s, we have lost several people close to us. It’s unsettling. Daily, we hear of someone having a diagnosis that is making their life harder. It makes you think about your destiny.

Bo is really good at thinking about his health. Recently there have been a few new books about Longevity and what you can do to enhance your health as you age. It’s been fun to listen to him and how he has connected to this topic. His health is inspiring to him. It matters to live life how he wants to play with our grandkids and be active.

Today, decide you will design your life around things that inspire you and are meaningful for you.

Think about 3 people who inspire you. Then, list each person and the top 3 qualities they have that connect with you. That’s what you should be aspiring to do today, tomorrow. For instance, Dr. Kim D’Eramo is one of the people that has captured my attention. Why? Because she is focused on being her Highest and Greatest Self. Her commitment to being true to herself is so inspiring. In addition, she radiates and exudes love, joy, and fun.

You are either attracting what you desire or pushing it away. What end of the spectrum are you mostly on? Take time to look at what is positioning you at that point rather than where you most want to be. Is it a habit? Lack of belief in possibility? Thinking you will do it later?

You will be inspired if you connect with what’s right for you. You are doing what your heart desires. You are connecting with your core values.

Doors will open. Life flows for you.

What’s your inspiring future look and feel like?

What are your aspirations?

Allow yourself to feel the energy of inspiration. How freeing it is. How uplifting.

Ask yourself each day what is inspiring you.

Keep those 3 qualities you admire in the 3 people you thought of in your mind, and work to being “that” each day. See those qualities in you. Watch your life change.

You will live a lighter, brighter life.

Keep following the light of inspiration.