What’s Right? Being competitive.

This week when I attended my yoga classes, our instructor reminded us to honor our body and our practice for the day. She reminded us to think about what our body could do today not compared to any other day. She told us to be with it right where it was now. She reminded us to leave any competition at the door whether that is competition with ourselves or others.

It got my attention. I tend to be very competitive and want to out do what I have done before. The competitive drive to be the best, see what others are doing and try to catch up and surpass them has been my focus. This was a great wake-up call for me to see how I wasn’t focused on what I wanted, on why I do yoga. I wasn’t honoring myself by noting all the strength and flexibility that I have, or that I showed up for the class. I was doing something good for myself and I was missing the opportunity to acknowledge it. I was focusing on what I couldn’t do. There are so many chances to focus on what’s right. Are you capitalizing on them in your life? I am grateful that I “caught myself” so that I could shift my thinking to attract more of what I want. Yoga is a fabulous practice to make the mind, body connection as well as taking steps to a healthier life.