What’s Right? See the perfection.

I was listening to a lecture where the speaker stated that some of the wisdom he has learned about life is “Nothing in your life has gone wrong. See the perfection.” He went on to say we should have gratitude for every circumstance in our life. I am wondering how you are feeling just reading these words. Initially as I heard it I wanted to flood him with situations in my life to prove him wrong. I wanted to go back to some of the things in my life that have been hurtful. I wanted to say what about the mean things that have been said or done to me. Then as I could step away from the “wrongness” of my thoughts, I could try to shift and see his wisdom.

How did those areas give me some great life lessons? Did they wake me up to something better that I wouldn’t have seen? How did my life shift? Did I allow myself to stay stuck, blame others for these or other circumstances in my life? What am I making wrong in my life? Who am I making wrong? I could understand his wisdom just by stepping back and reflecting on how my life is richer for the living through the things I would have labeled as wrong in my life.

As I know, there is always another choice. I see where these hurtful situations have taught me that: I want to be kinder than those people or words that hurt me, and I have compassion for others that have gone through a divorce. I know how painful it is. The lesson is to get bigger than the situation. Face the pain, the hurt, the anger, the grief. But like he said, try to see the perfection. It certainly is not easy, nor did the speaker allude to that going through these things in life as being easy. Life can be hard at times. It’s what we do with these situations we are given, how we walk through these situations, and what we make them mean that creates our life. What are you creating in your life? Where in your life can you take a moment to see the perfection?  It’s all part of life’s journey to help us be the most loving people we can be, if we allow it to be.