What’s The Conversation You Are Having With Yourself?

One of the things I notice is how much words and beliefs keep you stuck rather than allow you to achieve your goals, desires or dreams.

It takes constant awareness of the words and actions you are choosing.

For instance, if you want to weigh something different from where you are right now. Write out the thoughts and beliefs you have about being that weight.

I won’t be able to get there.

That’s a weight for younger people.

What about losing weight?

It’s hard.

 It takes all the fun out of eating.

Even as simple as how you live each day.  How do you approach that?

When you get up in the morning, do you say something amazingly awesome is going to happen or do you worry about all you have to do and the horrible things happening in the world?

I want you to realize the power of the words and conversations you have with yourself and others.  

Pay attention to the words and thoughts you choose. It matters.

In order to accomplish the goals you are after, you must focus more of your energy and actions on what you want, not on what you don’t.

These negative thoughts and beliefs hold you back.  It’s what makes trying to change something difficult and frustrating.

Abraham-Hicks gives a great analogy.  Think of what you want as a train engine.  You power the engine by focusing on what you want, talking about how it is when you have it and taking actions in the direction of what you want.  But, as you have negative thoughts or words, you are putting on an engine car that is holding the train back from moving along.  The more negative cars you add, the engine can’t move forward, it stays stuck.  You can’t get where you want.

Take the time to see where in your life you don’t have what you want.  Give yourself the gift of slowing down and processing the situation.   Write out the thoughts and beliefs you have. Notice the conversation you are having.  Which engine are you adding?

I know as I have attempted to become more visible and share my message, I’ve had lots of worry.  Worry about how to use the technology, worry about how I look and sound, worry about how I will be perceived.

But then, I realized, I’m focusing on the wrong things. I’m heading in the opposite direction of what I want.

I can’t let my fears keep me from my mission and goal to help others live vibrant, healthy and fulfilled because I’m afraid or worried.

I have to focus more on what I want.

I have to move closer to my heart and listen to my purpose.

Yes, there will be fears and worries, but that’s not what you want to drive your life. 

Knowing there are people that I can help is selfish not to serve them.

When you are focused on the negative, life seems hard or not worth reaching for more. There is no fun in the worries or focusing on what you don’t want.

Let your desires and intentions direct your life.  That’s where your joy and soulful living is.

Take time to watch your conversation this week.  Sing, celebrate as you catch yourself focusing on what you want.

Know something amazingly awesome will happen for you when you let that engine roar.

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