What’s The Future You Are Creating?


Did you know the words you are using today are creating your tomorrows?  


Your words are creative.  You are speaking your future.  


Your words declare the direction you want your life to go.  You are asking God, the Universe, to align you to your desires.  


Be aware!  That works both directions.  The good and the bad.


It’s why it is so very important to focus on what you are saying.  Pay attention to your language because it might not be serving you.  


You might be wondering why you are stuck at a certain weight or at a job you don’t like.  Pay attention to the story you keep telling about that situation.  I know for me many times it is not in the direction I want to go.  I ramble about the muffin top, how heavy I look in my pictures rather than focus on how good I feel, how much my body allows me to do, or other words that build the future I desire.


Take your morning routine and notice the words you are using.  Do you get up and talk about how tired and worn out you are?  Or, do you work to increase your energy by watching your sleep, what you eat and exercise? Deciding you are going to feel good?


Yes, there are times you are tired and worn out, but, the important part is to decide to change that to what you desire by using words and actions to have those results.  


Which end of the pendulum are you most of the time?  Defeat and negativity or hope filled and faithful?  


Most people tend to be pretty negative unless you’ve decided you are going to shift how you are thinking and speaking.


You have the power within you to break the chain of negativity or to be stuck in the past.


Just like this saying, “I do not fix problems, I fix my thinking.  Then problems fix themselves.”  


The greatest gift you can give yourself is to become more conscious, become more aware of how you are doing life, how you are being in this world and what you are saying.  


How do you know?  Your words have created the world you are living today.  


Where in your life do you want it different? 


Are you thinking about ways to be more alive?  To enjoy more of life?  Or, are your thoughts more about how hard life is, struggling to get by.  Even if that is the case, it’s time to look at what you desire.  Rewrite or design a new script of the future you desire in your life.  Get excited about it and keep your energy focused on that.  The more you focus on what you desire rather than what is or what you don’t like, you finally create that tipping point where you are aligned and that new life appears.  But, you must have more thoughts about what you DO desire rather than what you don’t.


You can change, and create the life you desire.  Otherwise, you are a puppet to life’s circumstances, unconscious and helpless, and at times hopeless.  


Change your words and the stories you are telling about your circumstances if you want something more in your life.


How about saying things like in The Course of Miracles, “I see my present happiness and look on nothing else except the thing I seek.”   


Then you are declaring what you want.  


You get what you focus on.  

You create your reality.

Your intentions guide your life.



Use whatever fits for your life.  Think of your core values and focus on those – like joy, love, peace, kindness.  


Yes, you can change.  You can decide you are going to picture amazing adventures in your life.  


You can dedicate yourself to focus on all that is nourishing, light-hearted and loving for the next 30 days.


Think about do you want to be like a rigid tree branch that breaks under strong winds or are you willing to be more flexible like a willow?  


Today’s world is asking you to think about new possibilities, new ways of being.


Change the way you have been, flow with what life is offering you right now, not yesterday or decades ago.  


As Oprah says, “Life rises up to meet you.”  


What are you rising to?

What future are you creating?