What’s The Good In This I Need To See?


As you reflect upon your life and what emotions you mostly feel, decide where you want to be.


When you change your starting point and focus, your world will change.


Suppose human nature is 98% emotional and 2% rational. In that case, it’s essential to understand what emotions are running your life and to notice where on the emotional scale your life is at present because you can always change where you are.


Remember, you are a vibrational being. You are attracting that which you are. If you are angry a lot of the time, it is natural you will attract and see things around you as mad. If you worry or feel powerless, the world will present you with more of where you are thinking and being.


It is why you don’t see the world as it is, but how you are. The world is matching your vibration to help you evolve.


Use the “what’s the good in this you need to see” theme to help you up your vibration. Then, use Abraham-Hicks’s emotional guidance scale to guide you.

braham-Hicks emotional guidance scale


As Daniel Pink stated, “Positive emotions are good. We all like positive emotions; they make our lives better. But having only positive emotions isn’t good for us. Negative emotions have a purpose, and that purpose is to teach us. We can’t ignore them because then we won’t learn from them. We can’t wallow in them either because then they’re debilitating. We want to use negative emotions to instruct us.”


Right now, what are you feeling? Then, ask what’s the good in that. For instance, we just returned from Maui and feel a little melancholy.

Maui vibrations

The vibration in Maui is so high for us: the beautiful surroundings, the gorgeous ocean, and the search for whales. And then we come home to the signs of winter – hibernation, browns, and being bundled up—a significant change in vibration.


So what’s the good in this.


To acknowledge how we feel.
To know what we like.
To appreciate even more what we experienced.
To show us what’s important to us and our beings.
To make decisions on those reflections.


Being in the flow and least effort are potent ways to live life at its highest. There is less resistance. You are allowing life to unfold for your greatest good.


As you keep asking to see the good in “this,” you will see how life is for you, how no matter what is happening, it is to awaken you to your greater good and purpose.


Think of two (2) things in your life that are troubling you right now. Then, ask to see the good in them. For instance, I have spots on my arm where it has broken out. It is what happens to me when I eat gluten. So I have to decide to listen to what my body is telling me. If I want to be healthy, which I say I do, then I need to make new choices.


Life is awakening me to my greater good, but it’s up to me to make a choice.


Life is always talking to you if you will listen.


This is a new month.


Take the time to use February as an opportunity to find the good in your life no matter the circumstances you are facing.

Deepen your ability to empower your evolution rather than succumb to what’s happening.

Decide to raise your vibration to live the life you desire and deserve.


Life’s challenges can be transformed by asking what is good for you to see. There is always good, even though it might not feel or look that way at first.