When Things Fall Apart New Begins


How is your life falling apart so it can be put together again in a new way from these monumental times?


Is that parenting, lifestyle, or what life is really about?


Most of us resist change.  Especially in areas where you are attached.  


I think about all the ideas swirling around today as this pandemic has changed our world.  Whether that is how work will look, what will happen to child care or how will massive people be able to go to school?


It’s a lot to think about and toss around in your mind. 


Allow yourself to be creative.


How are you choosing to see things?



I worry how families with children will fair.  How do they manage it all – child care and schooling changing as well as how work looks for them?  


Because education was my chosen career and vocation, I have deep attachments and feelings about how it needs to happen.  Which makes me more closed off and defensive because it matters a lot to me.


Seeing how schooling was handled during the pandemic made me anxious. 


 I know the inequities of what’s possible for some and not for others.  

I know the pressure it put on parents balancing their work, teaching their children and taking on a role as a teacher.

I know how hard it is to keep kids motivated and engaged in learning.


How much learning was happening?  For some, I know more could possibility have happened at home.  But, I know for many that wasn’t the case.  


Lost time.


I know the importance of a great education.  To me, it’s the ticket to having what you desire.  I know learning happens in SO many ways.  For me, I learn best if I can experience things.  It doesn’t have to be sitting in a classroom.  But, the joy of a great teacher is a special gift.


I have had a breakthrough and know formal education doesn’t have to happen like it was.  I know much of what was happening for many children was outdated.  I know schools were failing many children, even when they did well.


So the gift in these changing times is educators and employers are having to dig deep and find greater solutions.  


I was telling my husband that I’d love to be in on those conversations.  When great minds work together, it is a wonderful opportunity.  It can be the perfect storm to undo a system that worked for what it was created, but today’s world needs a different solution.  A different model for education.


Opportunities are here in uncertain times.  They give you the chance to go deep, find solutions rather than quick fixes or bandaids. Too often we want something right now and aren’t willing to take the time to make the changes needed. 


Sometimes the change can’t happen until things fall apart.


What new is wanting to emerge in your life if you can let go of the way you thought things needed to be?


What do you need to stop resisting and create the solution you really desire?


Just like Steve Leder, author of “More Beautiful Than Before; How Suffering Transforms Us,” says, “The first law of biology is self-protection.  The first law of the spirit is compassion.”


It’s natural to want to hold on to the familiar.  And, he reminds you to be compassionate with yourself in the process.  


Life is falling apart all around.  


How will you take advantage of these changing times?