Where are you letting fear rob your joy?

How does fear rule your life? Where in your life do you allow fear to take over your desires? I skied for years successfully and was really pretty good. I loved the fun, beauty and adventure of skiing. Recently, we went skiing. Prior to this trip, I had an accident on the last run of the day so I was quite afraid as we began this adventure. Why, did I let that one accident override all the years and fun I had had? Fear… I took a lesson in hopes that my skills would override the fear I had created. I thought I was disciplined enough with my thoughts to know how to stop myself if I got into that position of being afraid. During my lesson, I was good, had great thoughts and feelings of what I was doing. I felt I could do way more than they were asking me. Then, I went up on the mountain, I let fear take over. All the discipline of focusing on what I wanted went out the window. I allowed fear to take away my fun. Had I really had more faith and discipline, I could have had some fun. Where are you letting fear rob your joy? How could you use discipline with your thoughts to release that fear?