Where Are You On The Road From Your Head to Your Heart


It is said that you have approximately 60,000 thoughts in a day.  


How are those thoughts helping you live the life you desire?


What do you want more of in your life?  


What you do is different from who you are.


As Bryon Katie says, “What are you we believing that costs us our freedom, our happiness and the awareness of our own true nature?”


What if instead you focused more on who you can become?  Like more peaceful, more loving.


It can be a long road from your head to your heart.  The ego thinks it knows what is best.  The ego’s ideas are often made from mass consciousness, not what is best for you.  Telling you how you should fit in, how you should be practical or how you should do “my idea or concept” or “the church’s idea.  


Maybe your heart is tired of all that head noise.  Maybe you’ve had enough heart-ache or seen enough that you are ready to question all that chatter in your head.


How about seeing the world anew?


Ask yourself, what percentage of those thoughts are heart-centered, guided with inspiration, or led by your emotional guidance system?


Be open to new ways of experiencing your life as you see things from your heart.


At this time you might be feeling overwhelmed because what you are thinking.   


Who would you be if you had no resistance?  


Create a partnership between your head and your heart.


Remain open.  


Dig deep and ask yourself what you truly want.  


Why was that election result important to you? 

Why did you want to retire?  


What were you hoping to receive?  To prove you were right?  To have power?  To be free?  To be righteous?  To be macho?  To pursue your dreams?


Forgive yourself if you discover your need to be right or righteous.  


Then notice, what is it that you REALLY need?  To be seen, to be heard, to be valued?  Find other ways that you can fulfill those needs.  Realize those incidents are mirrors that are projecting the deeper quest for you to take. 


Heal feelings from the past.  


Ask yourself have you been being more critical, and now can feel the world in a new way.  One of my big ahas is that 70 million people can’t all be wrong.  What do they see or know that maybe I should learn or stay open to?  For each of us that answer will be different.  But, it’s one step closer to living from my heart as I figure it out, rather than make them wrong from my thoughts.  


The Course of Miracles, Lesson 313 ask, “Now let a new perception come to me.”  


Lesson 314, says, “I seek a future different from the past.”  


What is that for you?


Those thoughts and beliefs are there because you were taught that or thought that was the way life is.  


Maybe the disappointments or changes have you closed off rather than seeing through new eyes or from a softer place like your heart.


That’s why the journey from the head to the heart is one of the longest.  There is much work to be done.  Soul searching, forgiving, healing and beginning anew.


You must be open and willing to know and see a world bigger and different from what you thought.  


2020 is an opportunity to let go of so much that you thought had to be.  


2020 is asking you to dig deep to your core values of what matters to you, not what has happened before.


Question.  Question, all that you are thinking and doing.  


Free yourself from the chains that bind you, from thoughts that no longer serve you.  

Fine tune your emotional guidance system. 


Remain open to be guided. 


Can more of your feminine come out?  


Consider taking the path less traveled.  Consider opening up to new possibilities.


What is calling you – notice the difference from your head and your heart?


What is your heart yearning for?  Not your head.  


Trust that there is something grander for you and your life if you are willing to take that journey from your head to your heart.


Follow the divine within you because it leads you to your highest, your greatest desires.


Life provides you a whole new world – a different feeling, a different vibe when seen from your heart or through the eyes of God,


Be open to the journey from your head to your heart.  Be willing and open to the personal development, to learning new things and new ways of seeing your world, the world.


Think back in your life where you followed a divine idea, something you were passionate about.  That is more from your heart.  Take a moment to feel what that is like.  I think about having my children.  I was in careers and jobs I loved and thought they were the world.  But as soon as I saw Ashley or Michael, nothing else mattered.  My heart took over.  


Want more of that.  More of when your heart guides you.


Shift your focus and priorities.  


Make your path to alignment with your heart at your own pace, with more love, and seeing the world through the eyes of God.


You might have some of the same thoughts but they will feel different when you create them from your heart and from your core values.


Open to the possibilities how your journey from your head to heart can change your world – and for the better.


Move forward with grace and ease.


Today’s world is asking you to follow your heart.  We need more compassion and kindness.


Where are you on the journey from your head to your heart?  Make peace with yourself.