Where Are You Starting Again?


Do you sometimes feel like life is a tangled web?

Like you are never getting ahead or don’t know what to do?

Life is about Starting Again

Whether that is:

  • When your day has started off badly.
  • You just blew your diet for the 497th time, or,
  • You are dealing with some transition in life.

It is about giving yourself grace, love and forgiveness.

It is about having a plan of how to get yourself back on track.

It’s about getting yourself the tools, structures and support you need to keep moving forward.  To move in the direction of the life you want.

Life is about the zigs and the zags, the peaks and valleys.

It is not about what happens to you but HOW YOU HANDLE IT.

Yesterday, I was doing my second Periscope.  I was so excited because I thought I had the steps down on how to scope.   But of course since my conversation was about “Starting Again.” I had the opportunity to start again – twice.  As I hit broadcast, I couldn’t figure out how to turn my screen so it was facing me. Then I couldn’t figure out how to delete those episodes until later. The universe was checking in to see if I am walking the talk.  It was nice on the third try, I did get the screen right but still couldn’t figure out how to see the messages from my followers.  But, what I was so pleased with is the way I handled myself.  I kept trying because it is a tool I plan to use.  I need the practice with the technology as well as giving myself grace when things don’t go exactly as I think they should.  Forgive myself for not being perfect, allowing myself to be vulnerable.  Afterwards, I got support and guidance from a colleague who knows how to scope.  So for my next one, I’m more confident and knowledgeable.  I’m proud of myself for trying something new.  I’m celebrating that.  I am reaching more people. (Join me.  Download the periscope app.  Watch live or search for Dottie Hager at periscope.tv/dottiehager).

Where in your life are you starting again?

(Or, where do you need to start again?)

Is it retirement?

Is it to get up and move daily?

Is it eating healthier?

Here are some tips to make it easier:

  1. Get CLEAR about your WHY. Why is it important to you that you do, have or be what you are doing?  Like me with my Periscope. I want to reach more people, I want people to have the best life possible.
  2. Celebrate what has gone well. That you are back on track.
  3. Give yourself grace. Be kind rather than beating yourself up that you have fallen off track.
  4. Forgive your transgressions and release that which you no longer want. (like the items full of sugar in the pantry)
  5. Make a plan of what you need to help you move forward. Decide what tools can help you.   What type of structure do you need for success?  A coach for accountability, support, reminding you of your goal or dream?

Start Again.  Take one (1) step in the direction of what you want.  Just like me, practicing again, getting help from someone that knows more about Periscope than I do.  I written out an outline for my next scope.

What is your first step to start again?

Use this as an opportunity to begin again with a stronger why as to the importance in your life, or let it go.

Realize life gives you the freedom and grace to go after whatever you want.

Let you FAITH be greater than your fear when you stumble or fall.

Find a support system to help make life, transitions, and peaks and valleys easier.

Check out my periscope to remind you how you can Start Again no matter the circumstances in your life.  Sign up for a complimentary discovery session at dottiehager.com to help you Start Again, and fulfill your dreams.