Where Are You Traveling In Your Life?


Where is your life headed?  


Is your destination another dimension, another state of mind, or a certain place?


Life will give you what you desire and where you focus.


I have been exploring the concepts of Oneness, Universal and Soul Consciousness, and Enlightenment. I have been amazed at how I see examples all around me.  I have gotten better at paying attention.  I even giggle at times when I see how the magic happens like the pop-up for Rob Bell’s new podcast on “The Unified Field.”  


I know expansion happens when I acknowledge and celebrate all that I find.  I’m giving it energy and focus.  


Imagination helps you stretch contracted thinking.  Just think of Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, and how they created these latest space adventures.  They had been talking about exploring space way back as a kid.  


A whole new world is out there. 


How can their example help you let go of any boundaries you have on what’s possible for your life?


Let the concept of travel help your thinking become bigger and bigger.  We just returned from nearly two weeks in the mountains of Wyoming and Colorado.  The beauty and geology are breathtaking.  My being is in a constant state of wonderment.  Travel is mind-blowing.  


One of my friends just visited Croatia.  My virtual assistant lives there.  They were able to connect and enrich their visit because of how we are all connected.  Their connection was magical.  Their worlds were enhanced.  New possibilities opened because of how each of these two people were open to the greatest adventure by helping each other.


Visiting other continents and countries expands your thinking even more.


Travel makes you understand there is more than your limited world.  It scrambles up your perspective and makes you question what might be out there.


With the internet, it allows you to virtually connect all over the world.  It allows you to visualize and connect with greater possibilities.  


What are those possibilities for you?  


Deciding how to share your gifts?  


Thinking about where to retire?  


Wondering what new you can learn?


Where are you traveling in your life?  One of our greatest needs in life is to grow and learn. 


Let the concept of travel help you find a new place to think about and bring hope and excitement to your life.


Allow travel to take you to new places whether sitting at home or experiencing new worlds.


Think about what’s next for you.  Notice the way the Universe supports those desires whether it’s pop-ups on your Facebook page or a friend talking about dreams they have.  


Life is fun when you see how everything is supporting you.  


Where are you traveling?